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I got now my first 100 + Subs on YouTube | A Big Thank You Shout Out!

They say (I mean some of the veteran YouTubers) that the first 100 subs will be one of the hardest to achieve. Today, when I woke up this morning, checked my phone and view my YT Studio, and then BAM! I see 107 Subscribers now coming off from at 90 + yesterday.

So having said this and also as this is become my habit personally that I will give my utmost thanks and make a post on every achievement-step I make in this content creation world (Blogging/Vlogging)

a BIG SHOUT OUT and THANK YOU to everyone who supports my YouTube channel at its baby steps. Looking forward when it grows even further. I will continue to create quality content and provide you a dose of motivation, inspiration and helpful information about self-development and many more.


For those who haven’t follow me, please check out my platforms here in these links below:

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My latest Vlog about the Law of Attraction

Post parting words

If you are beginning to explore and planning to start your own YouTube channel vlog, blog or Facebook page to share your unique or helpful ideas, there’s no other time to start but now. The most difficult part will be in the beginning. But once you get into groove, things will improve and get better. Just believe yourself you can do it. Believing in yourself means having faith in your own capabilities. It means believing that you CAN do something — that it is within your ability. When you believe in yourself, you can overcome self-doubt and have the confidence to take action and get things done.

Thank you in advance.

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What is The Law of Attraction? How to use it Effectively?

Hey everyone, Rye here of Get Back to basics. In this Blog, I wanna share my perspective about The Law of Attraction principle or theory. Do you believe in this? Let’s find out and check this out.

First, let’s understand what the Law of Attraction is first.

In google search results it says “It is the ABILITY to attract into our lives WHATEVER we are focusing on.”

Also, according to Wikipedia, it states that “it is a BELIEF that a positive or negative thoughts bring positive or negative experiences into a person’s life.”


For me, I love the idea wherein if we think a thought, we speak a word, the universe will listen and respond to us by giving what we desire.

BUT… I don’t believe on this theory alone because in reality it is missing something very important and also implies denial of any negative thoughts which can work against you.

I think, we make a little change to the theory so that we can implement it in our lives successfully. I would change this as “The Law of Attraction with Action”.

There’s this favorite quote of mine from Mahatma Gandhi that says “Your beliefs become your thoughts, Your thoughts become your words, Your words become your habits, your habits become your values, your values become your destiny

I think this great quote from Mahatma Gandhi compliments the Law of Attraction theory. I believe that we create our reality and results by the internal choices we make, including how we respond to our thoughts.

We definitely cannot rely on the theory alone, this can be effective only if we enforce and commit to ACTIONS in whatever we think us to have or become.

To put this in another perspective, ACTIONS will be the energy or gas that fuels the Law of Attraction. In other words, we cannot solely focus on our thought intentions, we must also take action and make a habit of those actions by doing whatever must be done to reach that goal in reality.

Remember this, “The Law of Attraction with Action” is mastering our thoughts and focus in what we really desire and take actions habitually. Then after following this, we will surely start to see amazing results that the universe may bring to us.


If you are more of a visual person, you can watch this topic in my YouTube channel in this Vlog episode below:

What is The Law of Attraction? How to use it Effectively?

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How to Deal with YouTube Success (for all YouTubers/Vloggers)

In this vlog, I’ll share to my fellow YouTubers my Biggest Plan if ever I will be able to knockdown a Success in the world of YouTube like the legendary ones I look up to such as Mr. BEAST and PewDiePie (international), and Raffy Tulfo in Action or RTIA and Ranz Kyle & Niana (local). You can be like them, we will never know but it is always good if we have a plan on how to deal with this HUGE SUCCESS currently in the WORKS.

The first step will start with asking these questions: What will you do? What is your plan? I think if you dream big, it is better if you plan big as well. I want to share with you guys now what I’ll do when that BIG time comes: (also this would serve as a reminder for me as well) so yeah, lets go check on my list. 


#1 Be Humble

Huge success, oftentimes can change a person’s attitude, becoming arrogant or braggart. For me this is one very important thing I have to see for myself that I stay grounded in whatever success I can attain in this YouTube journey. I always believe that humility can make a person stay successful because they understand that this achievement is a blessing, not thinking less of myself though, but more of thinking myself less.

#2 Allocate My Earnings

If the time comes that I am earning a lot, I need to manage my money wisely. I’ll create a list where my money will go such as the following:

  • A portion goes to improving my YouTube channel, like buying the best pc, software (for animation, video editing, etc.) and other tools that I will need for my animated vlog. 
  • A portion goes to my family needs such as improving the house, getting a car, getting an insurance for everyone. And… 
  • A portion goes to the family savings
  • Lastly, a portion goes to my charity savings where I would also use this in times there’s a calamity or a disaster in my country so that I can use it to help people in need. 

#3 Celebrate

I’ll celebrate my YouTube success a little with my family and friends which is a way of telling thanks those who supported me all the way… And then

#4 Continue Working and Improving

Achieving top success doesn’t mean I’ll stop. There will be another mountaintop, greater heights to reach for sure. I’ll keep working hard and improving as a YouTuber. I might reveal my real identity in the future probably.

Real identity revelation? Yes? 😀

OR NOT… (just kidding)

Real identity revelation? Not 😀

Seriously, we can contemplate and reflect within ourselves about our accomplishments and next goals to reach.

#5 Share the lessons and experience

Sharing is caring. Sounds cliché but this is totally true. My knowledge comes from many people I looked up to in this life. I wouldn’t be what I am if not to them. So for me, this is like paying it forward where It affects people in a good way because if you do something good to someone, they will feel loved and most likely do something good for someone else. I think this is what life is all about honestly. 


#6 Share the blessings

I live simple and I don’t want anything too fancy in my life. Everything in excess is I plan to share with others in many ways which I can share in another vlog topic.

#7 Keep the balance

Reaching greater heights of success can bring a lot of noises in life and it is important for me to keep balance in all aspects of my life: relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being. 

Post parting words

This is all on my list so far which I am committed to do when I achieve success in the world of YouTube. If you are a newbie vlogger like myself, what would you do? Let me know in the comment section.

For the full vlog of this blog article, see it in YouTube with this link.

Or, you can watch it embedded here:

How to Deal with YouTube Success (for all YouTubers/Vloggers)

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Thank you in advance.

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5 Tips to manage your stress more successfully.

Hello everyone. Rye here again of Get back to basics channel. I have a question for you which I want to highlight. “Are you feeling stressed?

Feeling stressed out is not fun and not beneficial by any means. It can be due to your personal struggles or because of your responsibilities, which can slow us down, zap our energy, distract us from doing what’s important, and even paralyze us from doing anything. 

No matter how busy you are, you need to do something about reducing your stress. Take a step back and find out what’s really going on, and then make small changes to our behavior that can make a world of difference. 

 In this blog, I would like share with you my latest vlog on Facebook and Youtube about the ways to manage stress successfully. Check out the embedded vlogs below.

5 Ways To Manage Stress Successfully
5 Ways To Manage Stress Successfully

Post parting words

As we get older and go along in this life, there will be things that we can’t control or do something about. Bottom line is that the stress will be there, you only need to find a way to manage it.  

Let’s head start to make our life more stress-controlled, less tension and relaxed by following these simple, but great tips.

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5 Most Important Life Skills

Life skills is a set of basic skills acquired through learning and/or direct life experience that enables a person to effectively deal issues and problems commonly encountered in daily life. In this blog, I’ll share with you the 5 most important life skills you need to have.

Before going through its details in this blog topic, let me share with you my vlog about this topic if you are more of a visual person and want to learn through video presentation or vlogs. You can watch it here:

GBTB Youtube Channel: 5 Most Important Life Skills
GBTB Facebook Page: 5 Most Important Life Skills

1. Common sense

Having common sense is one of the most important skills to have in life, and yet many people do not utilize it. This refers to the basic intelligence and logic used to deal with basic every day situations and solve basic problems in life. 
This ability involves thinking about what you’re doing at any one time, being more aware and not forgetting little details which could be important later.


2. Communication or social skills

Having a logical structure to what you say is very important. The way you speak to people and what you say will enable you to develop relationships with them, at work, with your friends etc.
This is a skill that will help you in all areas of your life, whether it’s meeting new people on travels or starting a business. It is such a great asset to combine with other skills which is the recipe for success. 

3. Mastering the money

Money management is an important skill to everyone. Lack of this could lead to serious situation in person’s life where he could manage to lose all his life’s saving due to either having a bad spending habit or a bad investment decision. 
Money has the power to create or the power to destroy. One thing is for sure: you must master money, or it will master you.

4. Empathy

This skill will help to understand others plight and their feelings which makes your social life easier. Not only that but empathy also will help you form your own morals that will guide you in making good choices and become a better person.

5. Time management skills

Time efficiency is not only helpful in school or on our job, it is increasingly valuable the older we get, for the older we get the less and less time we will have, until we retire. To effectively manage our time, we need to eliminate the unnecessary, plan your work, learn to multitask, know when to multitask and reduce interruptions. 

Post parting words

Let’s learn these life skills so we can deal effectively whatever demands and challenges may throw at us in this life.

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Appreciate it and thanks in advance.

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Get Back To Basics TV

Do you want to be inspired, motivated, and learn a lots of helpful information about your health and overall wellness? Here’s the right channel for you!

You can check the “Get back to basic TV” channel by either going in Facebook here:

Get back to basics TV in Facebook

Or in Youtube Channel here:

Get back to basics Youtube channel

Whichever you prefer, you would definitely get something positive out from it, guaranteed!

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Thanks heaps and see you on my vlogs!

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Get the chance to win these cool motivational display!

Hello everyone, Rye here. I am excited to release the very first Get Back to Basics merchandise which is these cool “Motivational Display” – favorite quotes that you may hang on your walls or put on your working tables that will serves as a daily dose of reminder which can help you keep motivated in life.

A set of motivational display
Never let success get to your head. Never let failure get to your heart.

Do you want to get a set of these cool motivational display? Great, because I am giving away 10 sets of these. You can get the chance to win a (1) set by making sure you do these 3 following steps:

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Disclaimer: Only residing from the Philippines can join this giveaway contest due to shipping limitations for now.

Once I have reached my 3k subscribers, I will be making the draw and announce the winners right after. This will be an easy reach if you can also help me spread my motivational and informative vlogs by sharing my YT channel in your social media accounts.

Thank you, live well and let’s get back to basics!

Get back to basics channel

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World’s 10 Healthiest Vegetables

Hey everyone, what’s up? Previously, I’ve vlogged about banana which is one of the world’s healthiest fruits (if not the most), but certainly my most favorite one out there. Today, I’d like to share with you guys my latest vlog about the World’s 10 Healthiest Vegetables.

World’s 10 Healthiest Vegetables
World’s 10 Healthiest Vegetables

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Let’s take advantage of the many diverse health benefits from having these vegetables included in our diet, as this is very essential for me, you and our loved ones health. 

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5 Great Habits That Leads You To A Successful Life

Hello, what’s up everyone? Sharing with you all my latest vlog about the 5 Great Habits That Leads You To A Successful Life And/Or To Have A Better Next Year 2021.

I believe many of us have experienced those moments were we feel that we don’t make progress towards achieving our goals and dreams in our lives. As a result, we tend to get lost and lose our motivation in doing what we suppose to do and instead waste our valuable time as an adult in a lots of non productive things which I will all highlight in my latest video blog here.

5 Great Habits That Leads You To A Successful Life
5 Great Habits That Leads You To A Successful Life

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Key Foundation and Basic Building Blocks of a Happy Life

How are you guys doing? I Hope you are all doing okay. I would like to share with you my latest video blog about the 3 key foundation and basic building blocks of a happy life, plus a bonus one 😊

Key Foundation and Basic Building Blocks of a Happy Life
Key Foundation and Basic Building Blocks of a Happy Life

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I really believe that it’s really important that we can get a dose of motivation, inspiration, knowledge and life lessons on a regular basis. My blog, YT channel and Facebook page are going to be the platform for these and if ever you like my blogs and videos, I hope you won’t mind to support by following me on “Get back to basics” Facebook page and Subscribe to my YT channel. Appreciate if you can also spread the good information.

Thanks in advance.