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Untapped Topics

Another milestone before the year 2020 ends

As the year 2020 ends, another milestone I would want to share with you guys about Get back to basics’s Facebook sharing platform. Today, Get back to basics’s Facebook page have reached 1,500 followers now (1,486 likes to be exact) And its exclusive group “Get Inspired Ph” have reached 100 members now. Post parting words […]

10 Key Takeaway Traits You Can Learn From Your Best Friend Cat

Hey folks. Rye here of Get back to basics. In my previous blog, I have shared the 10 Key Takeaways Traits from your Best friend Dog. In this blog, I’ll share what are the 10 Key Takeaway Traits from your best friend Cat.  While the dogs rightfully earned their reputation as a man’s best friend […]

Year ending updates on the WordAds revenue tractions

Hey online folks, last July 2nd this year 2020 I’ve wrote an article about my enthusiasm in having my first ever revenue traction for my WordAds. The reason I want to do this is to really share with my other bloggers mainly whose using WordPress and WordAds as well like myself. Plus, to document my […]


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