In this category, I’ll be sharing all about Sports– but it will be more specific to basketball, badminton, chess and others within my knowledge field 🙂

GBTBTV Commentary: NBA All Star 2021

For my first ever commentary vlog and since I am big basketball fan, I’d love to discuss last Sunday’s NBA All-Star event. A lot of people and even some players (like Lebron James) are not in favor of having an all star event because of a lot of factors like players needed this break due […]

Happy birthday Mamba

Before the day ends, I just want to say and shoutout my greetings to my idol, basketball legend, the mamba Kobe Bryant. Today marks his 42nd birthday. He may be gone physically but his great memories both in and outside of basketball lives on..

NBA is back | Playoffs is getting near!

I am so excited to share that my favorite sports, NBA basketball is getting near to its 2020 playoffs! Recently the NBA returned last July 22 to its abrupt 2019-20 season due to the pandemic in March. Although there have been changes in the setup which is quite weird particularly having a venue that has […]

An emotional NBA2k21 cover, Kobe & Gigi ❤

I’d like to share a short post regarding the most interesting and emotionally driven NBA2k21 official cover. It’s Kobe and his daughter Gigi ❤. As a fan of Kobe, these tribute from best game makers, PlayStation and Xbox is really commendable. The game itself is already exciting to play but seeing this makes it more […]

Netflix’s Michael Jordan “The Last Dance”, Let’s talk about it

Disclaimer: This is not a review nor a debate. I’m just a fan of basketball who wants to talk about it 🙂 I am a basketball enthusiast ever since I was a kid. I am right in the era of Kobe so I might be a little bit bias, but I will try not Ko […]

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