In this category, I’ll be sharing all about Movies – my personal all time favorites, old and latest ones that I find good to watch OR even upcoming movies and trailers I’ve watched and become curious about.

Have you watched Skyscraper in Netflix? | There’s a scene where I remember Kobe Bryant that gave me chills and touched my heart.

Last night, me and my wife did a Netflix n’ chill and have watched its newly released movie, the ‘Skyscraper’ starring one of the best actors of this generation and also my favorite wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It is an action packed suspense thriller movie with a touch of a heartfelt family storyline. Spoiler […]

Five feet apart – 2019 movie. A combination of tragedy, inspirational, romance and lessons about life

Writing this blog article quickly as I’ve just finished watching the movie “Five Feet Apart” I’ve stumbled upon on Youtube movies and don’t want to forget my thoughts came in while watching this. It is such a great story with a combination of romance, tragedy, inspirational and lessons about life. Here’s the link: The story […]

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