In this category, I’ll be sharing Information technology related stuff since I am an IT graduate and have a lot of work and personal experiences in technology area.

Year ending updates on the WordAds revenue tractions

Hey online folks, last July 2nd this year 2020 I’ve wrote an article about my enthusiasm in having my first ever revenue traction for my WordAds. The reason I want to do this is to really share with my other bloggers mainly whose using WordPress and WordAds as well like myself. Plus, to document my […]

How To Become An Effective FULL STACK Content Creator? (For 2021 and Beyond)

In this article, I will be introducing a new terminology that I thought would be fitting if you are a Vlogger and a Blogger at the same time like myself. Also, I’ll share how we can be effective in this field. I’d like to introduce to you to the term “Full Stack” and what does […]

Why Animated Vlog?

Hey all. How are you? I am sharing with you guys my latest vlog entitled “Why animated vlog?” which basically provides the top 5 reasons to start an animated vlog. If you like this vlog, I hope you won’t mind to like, share and subscribe to my YT channel and FB page. Thank you in […]

Welcome to my Vlog channel on Youtube

I have been quite busy for awhile with my work and at the same time prepping for my Vlog channel on Youtube. What’s the Vlog about? Today, I am launching my Vlog channel on youtube wherein I share about the topics I’ve shared or posted here on my blog site but it is more like […]

Increase you blog site traffic through interacting, asking questions and creating a space in Quora

Recently, I’ve been exploring certain platforms I can use to boost my blog site traffic. Aside from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, I have found out that Quora is one of the best platform you can use to promote your blog articles. What is Quora and how it will help […]

One of the most wanted companies to work with | I dreamed of working with

I’ve always been a person who appreciates the company I’ve come to work with in the past, whether they’ve been a great employer to me or not. But there are really companies that you really admired, dreamed to work and deserves to be on the world’s top companies because they were pro-employees – basically cared […]

Blog vs. Vlog | Which is better?

Today, I thought of an article wherein I want to make a short comparison of Blog versus Vlog. Which is the better platform for the people. Let’s try to differentiate it first. What is Blog? A shortened version of the term “weblog”, is an online journal or content sharing of a person’s experiences, observation, opinions, […]

Finally, I am seeing some revenue tractions to my blog using WordAds

Hello there. I am writing up this post as I want to share some exciting news, for me at least 🙂 But honestly, I’ve been waiting to see some movements on the revenue side of my blog using WordAds. You may find it really insignificant or over reaction from me but this is really a […]

WordPress Basic Tutorial | Getting Familiar with Admin Panel Controls

In my first video tutorial about WordPress, I’ve shared on how to quickly install wordpress website for Free. In this video, I’ll be sharing an overview tutorial of the admin panel controls for you to get familiar with and be able to start to kick off your blog site. Here’s the video: If you are […]

I’ve ranked on Google Search results using my keywords and tags.

Writing this short blog to basically share some great news for myself, as I have ranked in google search engine results using my keywords or tags. It’s an amazing feeling and made me more inspired to continue making more attractive, meaningful and unique blog posts. The good news Basically, when I’ve tried to search on […]


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