In this category, I’ll be sharing all about Gamer stuff – the old or latest game trends either PC or mobile games that I personally play and loved.

Welcome to my Vlog channel on Youtube

I have been quite busy for awhile with my work and at the same time prepping for my Vlog channel on Youtube. What’s the Vlog about? Today, I am launching my Vlog channel on youtube wherein I share about the topics I’ve shared or posted here on my blog site but it is more like […]

Mobile Legends | Playing the game again

Hello my fellow gamers! If you are a fan or playing mobile legends, I’ll be sharing here ML stuff here that you might relate or can checkout to learn about it, how I play. I first play ML in 2018 and continue to play til mid 2019, but I’ve stopped on playing back then because […]

A gamer perspective, what’s your list?

I am writing this short blog and share my top 10 most loved console and rpg games from my young days to present. #10: Tetris on Brick game I remember, it was around year 2000s when the brick game became popular primarily with a tetris game on it. It was such a fun and challenging […]

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