GBTBTV Commentary: NBA All Star 2021

For my first ever commentary vlog and since I am big basketball fan, I’d love to discuss last Sunday’s NBA All-Star event.

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A lot of people and even some players (like Lebron James) are not in favor of having an all star event because of a lot of factors like players needed this break due to season’s already tight deadline & having back to back games and also mainly because of the current pandemic that we are still having which risks many players in the event and can have a huge impact to the NBA season.

Why still have it then? I personally think that the event is a major source of revenue for the NBA and by not having it, may have a huge impact to the NBA league itself and its operation. And also, for the fan’s interest since this event is an NBA tradition which gathers major hype for the fans all over the world. So this year is very important that the NBA can recuperate for all the loss because of the pandemic and gain back league’s financial stability, and fans interest which I think the all-star players understands.

Skills challenge: Domantas Sabonis wins over Nikola Vucevic

The NBA All-Star first event was quite exciting as the 2 of the NBA’s most skilled centers battled it out for the title. But last 2020’s All-star skills challenge runner up came up the winner, Domantas Sabonis wins it over Nikola Vucevic. A close and quite an exciting one. And by the way, just for the record, he’s the 5th big man who wins it in 6 years.

NBA 3-Point contest: Steph Curry wins it over to Mike Conley in a close one.

Steph Curry of Golden State warriors which regards as the goat of all shooters, if not one of the best the game has ever seen wins the 3 point contest, in a close one versus Mike Conley of Utah Jazz. He becomes the only active player to win this competition twice which is such an amazing feat.

Slam Dunk contest: Anfernee Simons is the slum dunk champion over Obi Toppin

Well, in all honesty slam dunk contest felt like it gotten a bit boring after Zach Lavine and Aaron Gordon match in 2016. It was so great and unique competition between the two that it’s really hard to replicate in the succeeding years. I guess that’s the reason. Nevertheless, this year’s slam dunk battle gave a different vibe and I think Simons deserves it and has the upper hand over Toppin. But a big shoutout to Cassius Stanley for his first dunk which I think tops in all dunks made in the competition.

NBA All Star Game: Team Lebron takes the win over Team Durant

Obviously, Team Lebron has the advantage in this all star game given that Durant is unable to play for his team (due to hamstring injury) and also Embid (due to Covid protocols). And by the way, Lebron, Giannis and Curry in the same team? That’s fantasy team. Plus, Giannis can’t miss, 35 PTS 16/16 FG. Thus, makes him win the first ever Kobe Bryant MVP award.

Overall, even the game was lopsided in favor of Team Lebron, it was fun for the players and mostly for the fans like me. The event was indeed a success!

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