10 Key Takeaway Traits You Can Learn From Your Best Friend Cat

Hey folks. Rye here of Get back to basics. In my previous blog, I have shared the 10 Key Takeaways Traits from your Best friend Dog.

In this blog, I’ll share what are the 10 Key Takeaway Traits from your best friend Cat

While the dogs rightfully earned their reputation as a man’s best friend because of the fact that their owner is everything to them and are great companions who truly love you unconditionally. On the other hand, we can associate the cats as a woman’s best friend because they are more independent, unpredictable and you have to earn its loyalty first before securing their affection to you that is sealed for life which is very similar to courting and winning woman’s heart.


Here are the 10 Key Takeaway Traits You Can Learn From Your Best Friend Cat

  1. They keep you humble – I mentioned that in order for you to receive and enjoy cat’s love and affection. You must earn, work for it and maintain it. The fact that you need to keep working for their acceptance will keep you humble into some extent.
  2. They have a great sense of balance – one of their unique trait is having a great sense of balance like when you see them walk along the rail of a fence or at the edge of the roof. And even in their fall, it seems that they are always manage to land straight up. It is such a great life aspect we can learn from them.
  3. They are a sharp listener – I believe that cats have a sharp hearing ability that they can listen to the slightest sound and is aware in their surroundings. A skill that is very useful to them, and I think is great to have for us too.
  4. They are polite – in general, one of cat’s good traits is that they have a welcoming attitude, most especially to visitors. They will wait politely to be invited to interact and will wind between your legs when you allow them.
  5. They have an excellent reflex – They are such good in evading things when they are in trouble or when things about to hit them. A trait that we can learn and apply in our lives when facing troubles.
  6. They have a go for it attitude – Cats are brilliant hunters. They watch and silently wait for their prey. Once they see an opportunity, they grab it with full force without hesitation.
  7. They are hygienic – Cats are known for their personal hygiene and general cleanliness. They use their tongues as a wash cloth and a brush to remove loose hair and dust.
  8. They are independent – Cats are famously low-maintenance. They don’t need to be bathed or taken for walks. They can be left on their own for hours. Reason also a stray cat can live longer that a stray dog.
  9. They have a longer life – Losing a pet is heartbreaking but cats can lessen the heartbreaks as they average a lifespan of about 15 years.
  10. They are intelligent – Cats are self-sufficient and can figure out the solutions to their problems on their own through observation as they are quite good at it.

That’s it. Understanding and observing our best friend cat’s good traits and unique behaviors can teach us many valuable lessons in life that we can learn from and definitely apply in our lives as well in some aspect.

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