Overwhelming Positive Reactions to my Vlog! Topic: How To Deal With YouTube Success (2021 and beyond)

Today, I would like to share my mixed emotions of excitement, joy and gratitude as I have gotten a lots of positive reactions towards my recently created Vlog which topic was “How to deal with YouTube success”

To share with you my basic reason I created this specific vlog topic, is first, since I am just new to vlogging, I want to set my goals straight, plan my steps and list the things that I will do once I achieve success in it. I am a very optimistic person, that’s why I see myself on top on this already – which is a way for me to motivate and persevere with my life goals. Also, another reason is to really share this with others, I think this is a positive and helpful mindset to share in a way that others may use it and help them as well towards their own life goals. For me that would be a great feeling, while I look for my own personal development, I can also help others, even in the smallest way by spreading this kind of mindset and personal plan. It’s a WIN WIN for me already.


Now just to share with you some of the amazing feedback and positive reactions to my vlog episode, here are some of these:

Again, I am so grateful for these very positive reactions, making myself become more determined to continue spreading good stuffs to help people become motivated, inspired and informed.

If you want to check out this vlog episode, you can click the link image below to watch it in YouTube:

How To Deal With YouTube Success

Also, you may check out my YouTube channel here in this link image below:

Get back to basics YouTube Channel

Post parting words

As parting words, I want to leave an inspirational quote remark from this Vlog I want to share.

“If you dream big, plan big as well”

I think most of us have dreams in our lives, and I personally believe, you have to accompany this with a great plan as well. This would make your dreams crystal clear and whole in a sense.