Have you seen the latest Ayala Malls Music Video Ads | “Zing it your way”

Hey guys, I just want to share and spread the good music vibes that I came across of the newest music video ads from Ayala Malls entitled “Zing it your way”


Here’s the video clip from its YouTube channel:

Credit: Video clip from Ayala Malls YTC channel

When I first watch the MV, I was hooked with the music vibes right away. Also, the dancers and its dance moves were very smooth. I can’t help my body to somehow do a very slight groove as the MV plays.

By the way, for the record I have already played it for more than 10 times already and still counting. Lol!

Post parting words

The holidays season is on its way now and for sure there will be a lots of good stuff ads (music, story telling, jingles, etc.) that will come up as it nears the holidays. Well, I think this is one of the good ways to end this year filled with positive things and good vibes.

Happy holidays in advance!