Learned Lessons From 2020 and Live A Positive Life in 2021 and Beyond

We are now in the year ending month (December) of this year 2020, before we say goodbye to it. Looking back, all through out the year we have had a lot of struggles and challenges either personal or the people in general because of the pandemic impact. Many people have lost its jobs, businesses shutdown and countless deaths due to it.

I think this upcoming holidays whether you are a Christian or not, each of us can reflect to all the happenings and learn from it. We can use the learnings we’ve had moving forward to the next year 2021 and in the coming years as well.


My 5 Learned Lessons this Year 2020 Which I Can Bring to Next Year 2021 and Live A Positive Life

  1. Learn to appreciate your Job whatever it is. I remember, way back when it was still normal, I tend to lose my focus at time with my Job, probably because you hate your boss, or you don’t like the task assigned to you. But right now, you’ll realize how important is your job and never take it for granted as it feeds you, your family and provide its needs.
  2. Learn to save and manage money. Since we have experienced this kind of global pandemic, we understand now how vulnerable our job is and can easily gone. In case we lost our job, a backup savings is an important factor to remedy the lost job and help us get cover our financial needs while we don’t have a job yet. We can only do this if we learn to manage our money and spend it wisely.
  3. Keep on learning. When you find something that you were good at, take the time to cultivate it and work hard at mastering it. There’s no time to learn and improve self but now.
  4. Treat others with respect and love, the way you wished to be treated fairly and reciprocated the love and respect you deserved. This year have taught us that this is vital for us to achieve peace globally.
  5. Love your family, your wife/husband and your children as if it’s the last time you’ll ever see them because you really never know what will happen tomorrow. This pandemic shows how life is short lived and can be taken away easily.

The Bonus Part:

Be positive as much as we can. For sure we can never avoid having negative thoughts given all the bad happenings and unfortunate events came forth this year and time can only if we will encounter another one. Hopefully never again. But whatever happens in the future, its always great to have a positive mind. Train our mind to catch negative thoughts and when they arise, immediately stop and replace your thoughts with positive ones.

I always believe in the saying that, when life provides you lemons, make lemonade! In most cases, you’re in charge of whether you see a situation in a negative or positive light. With determination and continious practice, obtaining a positive outlook will presumably come naturally.

Post parting words

I am optimistic that the Year 2021 will be a year to rebuild, healing and abundance. Let’s change our ways for the better and start our next year strong.

Thanks and I hope this article kinda gives you a bit of positivity and let’s you look forward for a great next year.