How to Deal with YouTube Success (for all YouTubers/Vloggers)

In this vlog, I’ll share to my fellow YouTubers my Biggest Plan if ever I will be able to knockdown a Success in the world of YouTube like the legendary ones I look up to such as Mr. BEAST and PewDiePie (international), and Raffy Tulfo in Action or RTIA and Ranz Kyle & Niana (local). You can be like them, we will never know but it is always good if we have a plan on how to deal with this HUGE SUCCESS currently in the WORKS.

The first step will start with asking these questions: What will you do? What is your plan? I think if you dream big, it is better if you plan big as well. I want to share with you guys now what I’ll do when that BIG time comes: (also this would serve as a reminder for me as well) so yeah, lets go check on my list. 


#1 Be Humble

Huge success, oftentimes can change a person’s attitude, becoming arrogant or braggart. For me this is one very important thing I have to see for myself that I stay grounded in whatever success I can attain in this YouTube journey. I always believe that humility can make a person stay successful because they understand that this achievement is a blessing, not thinking less of myself though, but more of thinking myself less.

#2 Allocate My Earnings

If the time comes that I am earning a lot, I need to manage my money wisely. I’ll create a list where my money will go such as the following:

  • A portion goes to improving my YouTube channel, like buying the best pc, software (for animation, video editing, etc.) and other tools that I will need for my animated vlog. 
  • A portion goes to my family needs such as improving the house, getting a car, getting an insurance for everyone. And… 
  • A portion goes to the family savings
  • Lastly, a portion goes to my charity savings where I would also use this in times there’s a calamity or a disaster in my country so that I can use it to help people in need. 

#3 Celebrate

I’ll celebrate my YouTube success a little with my family and friends which is a way of telling thanks those who supported me all the way… And then

#4 Continue Working and Improving

Achieving top success doesn’t mean I’ll stop. There will be another mountaintop, greater heights to reach for sure. I’ll keep working hard and improving as a YouTuber. I might reveal my real identity in the future probably.

Real identity revelation? Yes? 😀

OR NOT… (just kidding)

Real identity revelation? Not 😀

Seriously, we can contemplate and reflect within ourselves about our accomplishments and next goals to reach.

#5 Share the lessons and experience

Sharing is caring. Sounds cliché but this is totally true. My knowledge comes from many people I looked up to in this life. I wouldn’t be what I am if not to them. So for me, this is like paying it forward where It affects people in a good way because if you do something good to someone, they will feel loved and most likely do something good for someone else. I think this is what life is all about honestly. 


#6 Share the blessings

I live simple and I don’t want anything too fancy in my life. Everything in excess is I plan to share with others in many ways which I can share in another vlog topic.

#7 Keep the balance

Reaching greater heights of success can bring a lot of noises in life and it is important for me to keep balance in all aspects of my life: relationships, work, fitness and health, and emotional well-being. 

Post parting words

This is all on my list so far which I am committed to do when I achieve success in the world of YouTube. If you are a newbie vlogger like myself, what would you do? Let me know in the comment section.

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How to Deal with YouTube Success (for all YouTubers/Vloggers)

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