Increase you blog site traffic through interacting, asking questions and creating a space in Quora

Recently, I’ve been exploring certain platforms I can use to boost my blog site traffic. Aside from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, I have found out that Quora is one of the best platform you can use to promote your blog articles.

What is Quora and how it will help me as a blogger?


Quora is a question and answer website platform wherein its contents are all coming from users – meaning you can either create/post a question or answer to a question posted from it. There are various spaces (these are like categories) you can look such as career, health, music, etc. – categories you may add to you spaces tab to get notifications/feeds specifically to it.

Quora website basically has 300 million monthly active users. As I blogger, interacting to the site by posting your unique question or using your informative articles to answer questions and sharing the link to your blog at the same time could potentially make a drastic increase on my site’s traffic (hopefully I can make another post soon for an update on this as I’ve just started becoming active to the site and still have little traction gained from it)

Sharing to you the link here to Quora website and to my created space “Get back to basics” as well, if you may want to check and interact with me there. Appreciate it.

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