Have you watched Skyscraper in Netflix? | There’s a scene where I remember Kobe Bryant that gave me chills and touched my heart.

Last night, me and my wife did a Netflix n’ chill and have watched its newly released movie, the ‘Skyscraper’ starring one of the best actors of this generation and also my favorite wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It is an action packed suspense thriller movie with a touch of a heartfelt family storyline.

Photo by Zadok P. on Pexels.com

Spoiler alert! In this movie, Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer who is an ex-police and a security expert, makes the assessment of overall security of the tallest building in the world, but having this privilege, he has been framed up and use his access rights by the movie villains to infiltrate the building and create inferno in it. He is then on the run to rescue his family that is in the building.

One particular scene in the movie that leaves me in tears

The movie overall is very entertaining for me. But I have one particular scene in this movie that really gave me the chills, touched my heart and leave me with teary eyes, as this scene reminds me of my Basketball idol Kobe and his daughter Gigi. The scene moments is quite a father daughter connection wherein Will holding his daughter in his arms who was very scared, but he is trying to calm his daughter despite that it seems like a dead end for Will at that moment. I am sure in those moments, Kobe was able to calm her daughter Gigi as that what fathers instinct do. Having those in my mind as I watch had me in little tears, but really quite touched my heart being a father myself..

Spolier Alert! In the end, Will and daughter was saved by his wife when she finally rebooted the building’s security system that enables it to reactivate the fire protection of the building.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my post. If you are on Netflix, this is a movie that I recommend to watch as it is very entertaining and a feel good movie as well.