Getting close to my dream to become an astronaut #TicketToMars #2026

Ever since I was a child, I am quite fascinated and amazed whenever I look up in the sky mostly in the evening, seeing stars twinkling and the mysterious moon that changes its appearance in other days. Because of this I imagine myself being an astronaut and explore the space to visit those stars. Well, that is my childhood dream that I bring up to now, but the difference is I know now a lot of facts about how to become an astronaut, space travel, solar system & its star and the universe. Growing up, I’ve also become an avid fan of Albert Einstein because of his mind power and his discovery of relativity that pave us to a lot of the technologies we use today. I know also for a fact that to become a scientist or astronaut, you’ll need to have the brains in physics, study hard, have a bachelor in engineering/biological science, etc. in a well known school for engineering and science and finally you need to pass Nasa’s examination. It’s really far fetched for me because I can only acquire one on those list, that I can study hard lol 🙂

Having now my career in software/website development, I still have this passion and enthusiasm about science, space travel and the universe. I still keep myself updated in a lot of stuff in the science community and Nasa’s current and future explorations. I would always love to become a part of it in any way I can, even if it is just like in a simple joke to myself.

My ticket to Mars is scheduled in July 2026

My fake ticket to Mars, scheduled in July 2026 | Arriving to Jezero Crater from Cape Canaveral

Recently, there have been a popular trending posts from people that they are saying they will be going to Mars and showing off their digital exploration ticket. When I saw this, I admit that I get jealous somehow even if I know for a fact that those were only a prank or joke. For me that’s quite interesting to have. So what I did is I’ve gotten a template of it online and print it with my name on it (see above image). When I finally have the ticket to Mars on my hand, there’s this silly weird feeling of happiness (I guess coming from my childhood in a sense) that somehow fills up a little in my dream bucket of becoming an astronaut. I know it’s a dream that’s never gonna happen but with this simple silly act of mine, it kind of brings some sort of happiness and fulfillment even for just a little way. Now, I will laminate this and have it display in my room. #genuinehappiness

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post about my childhood dream and my personal enthusiasm about the space and the universe. I will be sharing more about this, how peculiar is our universe, how I see things beyond our planet earth, and basically my personal views about science cosmology stuffs.