The what ifs of life | Does thinking about it bad?

In my previous blog, I have mentioned that I am a person who occasionally thinks the what ifs of my life. Does it bad to think about it? I believe it is really about how and the way you perceive it. Let me share to you my personal experience and explain my two cents on this.

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What are my what ifs?

I do have specific what ifs that are re-occuring in my thoughts occassionally. These are the top on my what ifs list:

  • What if I am born with silver spoon? Meaning my parents are rich and and stable.
  • What if I chose a different study course in college and had a different career path?
  • What if I went to a different company to where I met my wife in it?
  • What if I was able to stick with my first girlfriend and resolve my issues back then?

These are my main what ifs of life that I have been thinking occassionally and honestly I could say that despite it looks like negative thoughts, I have always negate those with all the great things I currently have, and that I would never regret from having.


How to negate the negativities of what ifs?

As I have mentioned, there are things that I have right now that I can use to negate those what ifs thoughts. These are:

  • My family – it is true that my what if thought about staying with my ex girlfriend or not meeting my wife if I were in a different first company is something related to my feeling of tiredness in my relationship and also being all around parent, but having the thought of my family as a whole, having my son, daughter and my wife, I can’t really imagine myself of losing them or even the regrets of having them. My family is really my strength and my inspiration. And I use that to counter this certain what if to become positive.
  • My current personal achievements and the future ones – whenever I think of the what if thought of being born rich or having a rich parents is something that is really not ideal if you want to learn life the hard way. So I always negate those thoughts of the things that I have achieved in my life so far which is really worth everything because of the hardships I’ve went through to achieve it and the life lessons learned from it. I also think if I became rich from the beginning, I might not become driven to study and to work which may lead to a different scenario for me since I might rely to my rich parents all the time.

These are basically my counter thoughts to negate the what ifs thoughts. But whatever the what ifs case you may have, you just have to stay in reality and be mindful of the positive things that is happening in your life.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post and I hope that you get my point in this topic.