10 important life skills that ensures success in life

I have previously blog about my personal goals in life that I wanted to be successful and to be rich in order for me to help also other people in need similarly what Bill Gates is doing. Having those goals in mind, I’ve become determined to learn financial literacy. I have also mentioned on my previous blogs that I am an avid fan of Bo Sanchez and Chinkee Tan, the two Gurus when talking about handling money and giving financial advises.

Today, I’ll share with you what I have specifically learned from Chinkee Tan which I believe is very essential for a person to acquire in order to reach success in life. Here’s the 10 important life skills that will ensure success in a person’s life:

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1. How to solve a problem or problem solving skills

This is a general problem solving process skill that can be apply to any situation, not only for financial. There are people that is gifted with this skill. But not everyone has it, although it can be learned. Always remember that if you can solve a problem, an opportunity will comes next.

2. Critical thinking skills

This is related or linked to the first one because before you can solve a problem, you have to identify what is the problem first. This is what critical thinking skill does, which is identifying the problem first.

3. Entrepreneurship

It is the skill wherein you learn or know how to start a business or unlock an opportunity.

4. Communicate

Being good at your communication skills is such a great asset to combine with other skills that I have mentioned. An example scenario with this is that if you already a business idea but conveying your idea to the market would be difficult if you cannot communicate well.

5. Selling skills

This skill is also very important because even if you have a business, but if you don’t know or how to sell your business, it will be very difficult to find success to it.


6. Great negotiator

This skill is good to have combined with other skills. An example scenario with this is when you are trying to make a partnership with a market or a another seller with your product. They usually asks for a percentage at their advantage. But if you are a great negotiator, you’ll negotiate until you reach to a point to have a fair deal, if not at your advantage.

7. Resilience or Strong in the face of failure

It is the ability to endure, adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Many people doesn’t have the kind of braveness to face the failure, but I believe this skill can also be acquired through experience and perseverance.

8. Leadership

This is basically the ability to lead the people in your business towards achieving success not only for the business itself, but also for individual success as well.

9. How to make an impact

You are not having a business for the purpose of just becoming rich. It is also because you want to make an impact to the people around you, your community, and perhaps making an impact to the world.

10. Money management skills

This is the most important skills amongst all others that are in the list as this can be apply in every aspect of your finances such as from making a budget on your earnings for your needs, to setting long-term goals to picking investments that will help you to reach those goals. Remember that Any amount of money you have can prove to be too little if you don’t have good money management skills.


Post parting words

That’s the list that I wanted to share with you and hopefully it will give you a sense of what skills you need to acquire in order to help you reach your goals and become successful in life. Thanks for reading this post and have a successful life ahead 🙂