Are you in lost and in a midlife crisis?

Everyone, if not, most of us will come to a point in our lives when we feel the sense of lost or perhaps the feeling of lost direction due to getting to a certain adulthood age.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

If you feel you are like in a dark place, similarly in a dark tunnel, just remember to be optimistic. This is normal and it doesn’t necessarily mean you have to ignore the dark place you feel you were in, it is merely how you perceive the situation, that it is only a phase in your life and at the end of it, you’ll see light just like reaching near the end of the dark tunnel.

What you need to do in this times

The key here is that you have to find ways what you want to really do in your life at this point forward. Do not think about your job or your finances first. Know first deep in your heart, think deeply in your mind and see it through what you really want to do and accomplish in your life, and once you are sure about it, other personal decisions or views will follow.


You have identified what you want to do. What’s next?

If all things are clear with you, everyday you can allot a time to build a path towards reaching that goal on whatever you want to do with your life. It’s something you prepare on the side while you do your main job for e.g. It is going to be a building process from now on and may take a lot of time, but eventually, definitely you’ll be able to see the progress along the way and for sure, you will know if you are getting near towards it. Once you reach it at the end, I am sure everything will make perfect sense for you and it will all worth the effort.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post. This is something that I am personally going through right now and I want to share the steps I have taken and still to be taking. I hope and pray that everything will go according to my plan and imagination. Until to my next post update 🙂