Blog vs. Vlog | Which is better?

Today, I thought of an article wherein I want to make a short comparison of Blog versus Vlog. Which is the better platform for the people. Let’s try to differentiate it first.


What is Blog?

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A shortened version of the term “weblog”, is an online journal or content sharing of a person’s experiences, observation, opinions, etc., usually in the form of text, images and links to other weblogs.

What is Vlog?

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Similarly with Blog, this is also an online journal or content sharing but this is in the form a personal website or social media account where a person regularly posts short videos.


Which is better between Blog and Vlog?

This question doesn’t really have a concrete answer because it will always depends on the person you will ask. It is like asking which is a better sport, basketball or football?, boxing or mixed martial arts? Basically, the answer with these questions will vary to every person. But if you will ask me, obviously my answer would weigh more for Blog. Although I will be expounding my answer and try to balance it.

To be quite honest, I am a very visual person and I spend more time watching stuff on Youtube and Netflix rather than reading. But if a question pops up in my mind (btw happens to me all the time), or I am curious about something, I would always go in the google and search for that stuff and read. Most of the time, I found my answers to my questions on the blogs I come across as I searched rather than going to youtube and search for the answers. So for these reasons aside from being a Blogger myself, Blog still weighs more for me as I get specific answers to my specific questions/curiosity. Again, it will still be different for others indeed.

Another But.., entertainment-wise, it will be Vlog that weighs more for me. So to conclude my personal opinion or view on this, Blog and Vlog does have their own offering and strength that it can’t be compared with each other. It is like comparing Jordan and Lebron actually, as they have a different skillset and generation. Having Michael Jordan (for Blog) and Lebron James (for Vlog), so I leave it to you with that 😀

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my blog post about blog and vlog, lol. crazy topic right? but all fun and good comparison anyway. I hope you can also checkout my other blog posts on various categories I also cover.

Thanks in advance.