My process on creating a blog content: Just write whatever idea you think and comes in your mind just like making a sketch when you draw

Hi Frolks, i mean friends and frolks! I hope you are having a great sunday. I just want to share my thoughts and to provide some tips for you in creating a blog content, if you are a newbie blogger like me 🙂

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For me, creating a blog content is a process. Oftentimes, I couldn’t not finish one post topic without having a thought of another one. So here’s my process:

The (My personal) process

  • Whenever an idea pops up or comes accross your mind, write it up directly as draft. It is always gives a positive force if you do it directly and setup a schedule for that post. That way, you are kind of driven to get back to that draft and finish your post rather than taking notes outside like physically. But yeah, it depends on the person but this works for me. e.g. of my created drafts:
My blog content ideas put directly on WordPress posts draft
  • As already mentioned earlier, when I put my blog topic ideas into draft, I also make sure to add a schedule to it to be posted. This way, it will help me to continue to complete the write up and finish my post before its schedule to be posted.
  • One of the most useful technique for me in creating a blog content is, to be aware on what is basically happening around you. Look at the news, the current and past events, think of the past happenings in your life, the takeaway lessons in it and lastly, think of the future, how I should prepare on it and imagine how it will look like. Basically, anything that you can think of that gives you interest, take note of it as a post heading on the draft, and do not let your idea get passed or left behind without noting it.

Post parting words

Sometimes, whenever I think of a blog content idea, there are times that I thought of it as insignifacant and may not be a valuable post to share. Some of you might experience this, but whenever this happens to me, I always tell myself that “It may not be valuable to read for most people, but there will be some in the future that will come across to my blog that can relate, appreciate and learn something to that post. That will be enough for me to continue with it and finish my post idea.”

Thanks for reading my post if you come across to this by chance and somehow did learn something from it. Hopefully. Ciao ☺️