Humans can also learn life lessons from other creatures

Last night, I have captured a video of a home lizard that seems like he’s very tired from his day, but he’s still very persistent to hold on to the wall and tries get back up.

Home lizard at home being persistent hold and get back up

As watch the lizard crawls in the wall, I kind of make a self reflection of it that, this lizard somehow teaches or reminds me to stay persistent, even at the lowest feeling or tiredness I feel, I got to continue and do what i need to do to accomplish whatever my task at hand.

My greatest takeaway in this

Sometimes, it’s the littlest things such as this, that can show us the lessons in life that we can reflect on. Because from them, we can definitely learn as well.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my short post about my captured moment from our home lizard 🙂 and the lessons that I thought about it.