Happy birthday Mamba

Before the day ends, I just want to say and shoutout my greetings to my idol, basketball legend, the mamba Kobe Bryant.

Today marks his 42nd birthday. He may be gone physically but his great memories both in and outside of basketball lives on..

Happy birthday Kobe!

Welcome to my Vlog channel on Youtube

I have been quite busy for awhile with my work and at the same time prepping for my Vlog channel on Youtube.

What’s the Vlog about?

Today, I am launching my Vlog channel on youtube wherein I share about the topics I’ve shared or posted here on my blog site but it is more like of a podcast since I discuss the topics there in details more or less. Also, one special about it is that I’ve specially learn and made an animation of myself using adobe anime cc, just to use it for my Vlog as I can’t really go out myself there in person due to being an introvert. Thankfully, I’ve came up with this great idea and allowed me to still do what I want to do.

My animated Vlog channel
Animated studio

Here’s my Youtube channel:


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Please follow and support my Vlog on Youtube by subscribing to my channel. Thank you.

Increase you blog site traffic through interacting, asking questions and creating a space in Quora

Recently, I’ve been exploring certain platforms I can use to boost my blog site traffic. Aside from the social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, I have found out that Quora is one of the best platform you can use to promote your blog articles.

What is Quora and how it will help me as a blogger?


Quora is a question and answer website platform wherein its contents are all coming from users – meaning you can either create/post a question or answer to a question posted from it. There are various spaces (these are like categories) you can look such as career, health, music, etc. – categories you may add to you spaces tab to get notifications/feeds specifically to it.

Quora website basically has 300 million monthly active users. As I blogger, interacting to the site by posting your unique question or using your informative articles to answer questions and sharing the link to your blog at the same time could potentially make a drastic increase on my site’s traffic (hopefully I can make another post soon for an update on this as I’ve just started becoming active to the site and still have little traction gained from it)

Sharing to you the link here to Quora website and to my created space “Get back to basics” as well, if you may want to check and interact with me there. Appreciate it.

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Thanks for reading this post. I hope you’ve get something good stuff out of it. Please checkout my other blogs for useful tips and personal stories, views and opinions that you might get interested as well and learn also from the experience.

Thanks in advance.

One of the most wanted companies to work with | I dreamed of working with

I’ve always been a person who appreciates the company I’ve come to work with in the past, whether they’ve been a great employer to me or not. But there are really companies that you really admired, dreamed to work and deserves to be on the world’s top companies because they were pro-employees – basically cared and looked out for their employee’s welfare in all aspects.

I have several companies that I dreamed to work in including Microsoft, but one of those that stands most is the tech giant Google.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What do I love about Google

I’ve heard a lot of great stuffs or the perks in working at Google like the free food, gym, item discounts, in house doctors, and massages. Some of these are the great to have and other top companies also have, but what I loved the most from what I’ve read about working at Google is their professional and personal development program for their employees.

If you have watched the movie ‘The Internship’ starring Vince Vaughn and Owen Wilson, it’s a great depiction of how Google is such a great workplace. First is their world class working environment ambiance.

Image credit to metro.co.uk

They have a very employee friendly working environment where you can be like a child in a Disneyland. It is such a stress reliever when you work, you can at anytime go to a place and sort of distress in whatever you do. I think this way by Google will allow you to be more productive and enables you to maximize your full potential as a resource.

Post parting words

I honestly think, all of these perks is built in from the company’s culture. Google executives really understands how things will work for its company’s growth, will also rely to their employees overall welfare and development.

Thank you for reading this post. I only wish that other companies can also adapt to this kind of mindset of providing also a great environment/workplace and really extends their care for their employees as this will also help them strive hard and become the best employees for your growth.

Have you watched Skyscraper in Netflix? | There’s a scene where I remember Kobe Bryant that gave me chills and touched my heart.

Last night, me and my wife did a Netflix n’ chill and have watched its newly released movie, the ‘Skyscraper’ starring one of the best actors of this generation and also my favorite wrestler, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. It is an action packed suspense thriller movie with a touch of a heartfelt family storyline.

Photo by Zadok P. on Pexels.com

Spoiler alert! In this movie, Dwayne Johnson plays Will Sawyer who is an ex-police and a security expert, makes the assessment of overall security of the tallest building in the world, but having this privilege, he has been framed up and use his access rights by the movie villains to infiltrate the building and create inferno in it. He is then on the run to rescue his family that is in the building.

One particular scene in the movie that leaves me in tears

The movie overall is very entertaining for me. But I have one particular scene in this movie that really gave me the chills, touched my heart and leave me with teary eyes, as this scene reminds me of my Basketball idol Kobe and his daughter Gigi. The scene moments is quite a father daughter connection wherein Will holding his daughter in his arms who was very scared, but he is trying to calm his daughter despite that it seems like a dead end for Will at that moment. I am sure in those moments, Kobe was able to calm her daughter Gigi as that what fathers instinct do. Having those in my mind as I watch had me in little tears, but really quite touched my heart being a father myself..

Spolier Alert! In the end, Will and daughter was saved by his wife when she finally rebooted the building’s security system that enables it to reactivate the fire protection of the building.

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Thanks for reading my post. If you are on Netflix, this is a movie that I recommend to watch as it is very entertaining and a feel good movie as well.

Getting close to my dream to become an astronaut #TicketToMars #2026

Ever since I was a child, I am quite fascinated and amazed whenever I look up in the sky mostly in the evening, seeing stars twinkling and the mysterious moon that changes its appearance in other days. Because of this I imagine myself being an astronaut and explore the space to visit those stars. Well, that is my childhood dream that I bring up to now, but the difference is I know now a lot of facts about how to become an astronaut, space travel, solar system & its star and the universe. Growing up, I’ve also become an avid fan of Albert Einstein because of his mind power and his discovery of relativity that pave us to a lot of the technologies we use today. I know also for a fact that to become a scientist or astronaut, you’ll need to have the brains in physics, study hard, have a bachelor in engineering/biological science, etc. in a well known school for engineering and science and finally you need to pass Nasa’s examination. It’s really far fetched for me because I can only acquire one on those list, that I can study hard lol 🙂

Having now my career in software/website development, I still have this passion and enthusiasm about science, space travel and the universe. I still keep myself updated in a lot of stuff in the science community and Nasa’s current and future explorations. I would always love to become a part of it in any way I can, even if it is just like in a simple joke to myself.

My ticket to Mars is scheduled in July 2026

My fake ticket to Mars, scheduled in July 2026 | Arriving to Jezero Crater from Cape Canaveral

Recently, there have been a popular trending posts from people that they are saying they will be going to Mars and showing off their digital exploration ticket. When I saw this, I admit that I get jealous somehow even if I know for a fact that those were only a prank or joke. For me that’s quite interesting to have. So what I did is I’ve gotten a template of it online and print it with my name on it (see above image). When I finally have the ticket to Mars on my hand, there’s this silly weird feeling of happiness (I guess coming from my childhood in a sense) that somehow fills up a little in my dream bucket of becoming an astronaut. I know it’s a dream that’s never gonna happen but with this simple silly act of mine, it kind of brings some sort of happiness and fulfillment even for just a little way. Now, I will laminate this and have it display in my room. #genuinehappiness

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post about my childhood dream and my personal enthusiasm about the space and the universe. I will be sharing more about this, how peculiar is our universe, how I see things beyond our planet earth, and basically my personal views about science cosmology stuffs.

NBA is back | Playoffs is getting near!

I am so excited to share that my favorite sports, NBA basketball is getting near to its 2020 playoffs! Recently the NBA returned last July 22 to its abrupt 2019-20 season due to the pandemic in March. Although there have been changes in the setup which is quite weird particularly having a venue that has no physical fans, but only a few watching in the sidelines plus a few fans watching via digital screens – so players would somehow can still see fans in the side digitally.

Photo by THE 5TH on Pexels.com

What’s the current standings and playoff picture?


Eastern Conference
1. Milwaukee Bucks (54-14) *
2. Toronto Raptors (49-18) *
3. Boston Celtics (45-23) *
4. Miami Heat (43-25) *
5. Indiana Pacers (42-26) *
6. Philadelphia 76ers (41-27) *
7. Brooklyn Nets (32-36)
8. Orlando Magic (32-37)
9. Washington Wizards (24-44)
Western Conference
1. Los Angeles Lakers (51-16) *
2. Los Angeles Clippers (45-22) *
3. Denver Nuggets (45-23) *
4. Utah Jazz (43-25) *
5. Oklahoma City Thunder (42-25) *
6. Houston Rockets (42-25) *
7. Dallas Mavericks (41-29) *
8. Memphis Grizzlies (32-37)
9. Portland Trail Blazers (31-38)
10. San Antonio Spurs (29-38)
11. New Orleans Pelicans (29-38)
12. Phoenix Suns (29-39)
13. Sacramento Kings (28-39)

All teams with (*) clinched the playoffs 

In the East, Nets (32-36) and Magic (32-37) are the teams who have not yet clinch the playoffs officially but they will eventually as the Wizards (24-44) are too far off from them.

Meanwhile in the West, the Grizzlies (32-37) are holding off the 8th spot but it is still up for grabs for the Blazers (31-38), Spurs (29-39), Pelicans (29-38), Suns (29-39) and Kings (28-39).

Playoff Picture if held today

Eastern Conference
(1) Milwaukee Bucks vs. (8) Orlando Magic
(4) Miami Heat vs. (5) Indiana Pacers
(3) Boston Celtics vs. (6) Philadelphia 76ers
(2) Toronto Raptors vs. (7) Brooklyn Nets
Western Conference
(1) Los Angeles Lakers vs. (8) Memphis Grizzlies
(4) Utah Jazz vs. (5) Oklahoma City Thunder
(3) Denver Nuggets vs. (6) Houston Rockets
(2) Los Angeles Clippers vs. (7) Dallas Mavericks

My personal predictions

From the East, I think it’s going to be the Milwaukee Bucks, basically because Giannis is a monster on the floor and he’s proving that he is one of the elites or the MVP perhaps this season. He’s also continuously improving his game which is very scary for the other teams.

However, I am really rooting for the defending champs, the Toronto Raptors. Although they are the defending, they’ve become an underdog team after Kawhi left the team to go to the Clippers. But given this, they are still proving they are the Champs with the help of the underrated star like Kyle Lowry, the up rising star Pascal Siakam and the role player Fred VanVleet.

I also cannot eliminate the dark horse from the east, Miami Heat as they have a team depth and a bunch of role players who also can play like a star. Leading the team is Jimmy “buckets” Butler.

Looking from the Wester Conference, I still can’t decide from this 2 L.A teams, the L.A Lakers and Clippers as they are equally loaded with stars and role players. With Lebron James leading the Lakers together with Anthony Davis, I think has a very slight edge towards the Clippers lead by Kawhi Leonard with Paul George as his co-star. It will be such an action pack matchup when they meet hopefully in the conference finals.

Post parting words

As a fan, I am really thankful that despite the Covid-19 pandemic, the NBA decided to continue its season and it is really a blessing for us, fans as we can again experience the enjoyment and fun that the sport gives. I really hoped and prayed that other sports can also go back soon. But, ultimately our priority should always be the safety of the player, people behind the sports and the fans. Let’s hope the pandemic will end soon once the vaccine arrives in the very near future…

The what ifs of life | Does thinking about it bad?

In my previous blog, I have mentioned that I am a person who occasionally thinks the what ifs of my life. Does it bad to think about it? I believe it is really about how and the way you perceive it. Let me share to you my personal experience and explain my two cents on this.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

What are my what ifs?

I do have specific what ifs that are re-occuring in my thoughts occassionally. These are the top on my what ifs list:

  • What if I am born with silver spoon? Meaning my parents are rich and and stable.
  • What if I chose a different study course in college and had a different career path?
  • What if I went to a different company to where I met my wife in it?
  • What if I was able to stick with my first girlfriend and resolve my issues back then?

These are my main what ifs of life that I have been thinking occassionally and honestly I could say that despite it looks like negative thoughts, I have always negate those with all the great things I currently have, and that I would never regret from having.


How to negate the negativities of what ifs?

As I have mentioned, there are things that I have right now that I can use to negate those what ifs thoughts. These are:

  • My family – it is true that my what if thought about staying with my ex girlfriend or not meeting my wife if I were in a different first company is something related to my feeling of tiredness in my relationship and also being all around parent, but having the thought of my family as a whole, having my son, daughter and my wife, I can’t really imagine myself of losing them or even the regrets of having them. My family is really my strength and my inspiration. And I use that to counter this certain what if to become positive.
  • My current personal achievements and the future ones – whenever I think of the what if thought of being born rich or having a rich parents is something that is really not ideal if you want to learn life the hard way. So I always negate those thoughts of the things that I have achieved in my life so far which is really worth everything because of the hardships I’ve went through to achieve it and the life lessons learned from it. I also think if I became rich from the beginning, I might not become driven to study and to work which may lead to a different scenario for me since I might rely to my rich parents all the time.

These are basically my counter thoughts to negate the what ifs thoughts. But whatever the what ifs case you may have, you just have to stay in reality and be mindful of the positive things that is happening in your life.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post and I hope that you get my point in this topic.

Michael Pacquaio performs his rap song “Hate” | A very promising rap artist

Michael Pacquaio who is the son of our Philippine boxing icon Manny Pacquiao is making his way on the music industry and a very promising one. He have just perform his rap song “Hate” on Wish 107.5 recently. Personally, I really liked his rap song, beat, style and the lyrics. It was legit and so lit!

Here’s his great performance on Wish 107.5:

Michael Pacquiao performs his rap song “Hate” on Wish 107.5

Well, after hearing this for the first time, i can imagine how Manny would be so proud of his son and most probably he’ll use this song for his next bout as he makes the entrance on the ring replacing his “eye of the tiger” favorite song ☺️


By the way, here’s the lyrics of the rap song:

I don’t wanna play with me no way
Got these chains up on my face
Ridin down the lane no pain no gain
Hoppin on the trend might go insane

I don’t wanna be with you no way
Have respect for who I am
Saying no to someone that plays
Gotta shut down all of this hate

Verse 1
This is the time
Messing it up
When I making this rhyme
Poppin on people
When shooting the dime
Making the heat when
Come on alive

Feeling alive
Innocent people
Be riding on time
Rioting voices
So that they be heard
Coming off history
That is obsurd

Gonna beg for more
Gonna ride my horse
Gonna serve my drink
Told you so I’ll make you think

Gonna light my house
Gonna make my fans
Gonna love my way
Gonna make you go insane


I don’t wanna play with me no way
Got these chains up on my face
Ridin down the lane no pain no gain
Hoppin on the trend might go insane

I don’t wanna be with you no way
Have respect for who I am
Saying no to someone that plays
Gotta shut down all of this hate

Verse 2
You just set me on my name
Got me in the long game
Patience is what I got up
Wait till you see me on top

Haters hate to put me down
That is what I want from them
Cuz they hate but after this
They be begging for some chips

Gonna beg for more
Gonna ride my horse
Gonna serve my drink
Told you so I’ll make you think

Gonna light my house
Gonna make my fans
Gonna love my way
Gonna make you go insane

I don’t wanna play with me no way
Got these chains up on my face
Ridin down the lane no pain no gain
Hoppin on the trend might go insane

I don’t wanna be with you no way
Have respect for who I am
Saying no to someone that plays
Gotta shut down all of this hate

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this post. I just wanted to share whenever I see or hear some great and new stuff. How do you think Michael’s rap? I will not be surprised if he actually become a famous rapper here in the Philippines or internationally.

10 important life skills that ensures success in life

I have previously blog about my personal goals in life that I wanted to be successful and to be rich in order for me to help also other people in need similarly what Bill Gates is doing. Having those goals in mind, I’ve become determined to learn financial literacy. I have also mentioned on my previous blogs that I am an avid fan of Bo Sanchez and Chinkee Tan, the two Gurus when talking about handling money and giving financial advises.

Today, I’ll share with you what I have specifically learned from Chinkee Tan which I believe is very essential for a person to acquire in order to reach success in life. Here’s the 10 important life skills that will ensure success in a person’s life:

Photo by Juhasz Imre on Pexels.com

1. How to solve a problem or problem solving skills

This is a general problem solving process skill that can be apply to any situation, not only for financial. There are people that is gifted with this skill. But not everyone has it, although it can be learned. Always remember that if you can solve a problem, an opportunity will comes next.

2. Critical thinking skills

This is related or linked to the first one because before you can solve a problem, you have to identify what is the problem first. This is what critical thinking skill does, which is identifying the problem first.

3. Entrepreneurship

It is the skill wherein you learn or know how to start a business or unlock an opportunity.

4. Communicate

Being good at your communication skills is such a great asset to combine with other skills that I have mentioned. An example scenario with this is that if you already a business idea but conveying your idea to the market would be difficult if you cannot communicate well.

5. Selling skills

This skill is also very important because even if you have a business, but if you don’t know or how to sell your business, it will be very difficult to find success to it.


6. Great negotiator

This skill is good to have combined with other skills. An example scenario with this is when you are trying to make a partnership with a market or a another seller with your product. They usually asks for a percentage at their advantage. But if you are a great negotiator, you’ll negotiate until you reach to a point to have a fair deal, if not at your advantage.

7. Resilience or Strong in the face of failure

It is the ability to endure, adapt and bounce back when things don’t go as planned. Many people doesn’t have the kind of braveness to face the failure, but I believe this skill can also be acquired through experience and perseverance.

8. Leadership

This is basically the ability to lead the people in your business towards achieving success not only for the business itself, but also for individual success as well.

9. How to make an impact

You are not having a business for the purpose of just becoming rich. It is also because you want to make an impact to the people around you, your community, and perhaps making an impact to the world.

10. Money management skills

This is the most important skills amongst all others that are in the list as this can be apply in every aspect of your finances such as from making a budget on your earnings for your needs, to setting long-term goals to picking investments that will help you to reach those goals. Remember that Any amount of money you have can prove to be too little if you don’t have good money management skills.


Post parting words

That’s the list that I wanted to share with you and hopefully it will give you a sense of what skills you need to acquire in order to help you reach your goals and become successful in life. Thanks for reading this post and have a successful life ahead 🙂

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