Never give up on your plan. There will be times that your interest will fade, but still never give up, even if it takes a lifetime.

All of us have plans in our life, it can be in the form of career, business, family or whatever personal goals we want to reach in the future. Few people were lucky to get to the finish line quickly, some can get it towards their twilight zone lifetime (i mean at their old age), but in reality many were stuck in the middle of it and lost their interest to continue reaching its final goals. Why is that the case?

Having your own family can alter your goals

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There were many factors in life that leads us to change our life goal direction, or even stop to that extent. A very common example factor is having a family at young age. Having your own family, kids basically means you will have a responsibility to take care and provide for them. You are forced to kind of have a different perspective from that point, leading you to inch away to your original plans. Your interest is focused on the family now.

Whatever the case maybe, you have to have the ability to balance it out. Always have time to continue your life long plans/goals.

I will set myself as an example, not that good one but fair enough. I have a life long dream to become a philanthropist (become rich and help other people who are in needs), let’s say like bill gates. I really admire what he’s been doing, he’s a successful businessman, multi billionaire and most importantly, he finds ways to make a better world for everyone mostly for the poor communities and in needs. I’d like to be that someday as my plan, of course aside from my dream of being an astronaut 🙂

I had my family when I was 29 years old and I am 34 right now. Whilst I am busy with my career and taking care of my family, I am continuously finding my ways to reach that. Despite the financial mistakes that I’ve done previously, I’ve recently moving forward in the right direction, I am budgeting my income (family needs and small investment in the side) and this blogging platform. For now, I am writing positive stuff/stories that if ever people gets that chance to read my blogs and eventually take away something out of it like a lesson, I am very much satisfied and definitely will be happy. Somehow I can feel my life long goal is slightly reached, but for sure, it’s not enough and I will still have that goal set in my mind.

Fading interest in your life plans. Think your plans as if it is your life quest.

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There will be times and phases in your life that you will loose your interest with your plans. You will mostly feel that whenever you get tired on your current situation. But the thing here is that, you have to have the ability to get back in the track and never lose sight on your life plans. For me, whenever I feel I am losing my sight of my plans, losing my interest, I will just think of positive thoughts, that I need to do it as if it is my purpose of my life, my quest and this part is just a challenge that I have to conquer. From that point, my mindset will be back and get focused again.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading out this blog post. I hope I am able to share with you again some helpful stories and life lessons you can refer with whatever situation you have in your life right now. Hope you can also read out some of my previous shared posts that can get your interest as well.

Thanks in advance.