It has been awhile, have been very busy and very exhausted. Sharing my personal feelings and thoughts

Hello Frolks, friends and folks is what i mean 🙂 It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my last blog as I have been very busy with my real work as a Website developer. I am currently onto a huge client project that is quite taking my personal time as well.

This post is kind of a personal reflection on what’s going on lately in my life and what I thought about it. Thank you, if you will still going to continue reading, if not – thank you as well 😀

I’d like to share that while I am very much busy with work and after work or actually at times while working, I am taking care of my children as well. It is really exhausting physically and mentally. I don’t get enough sleep as I usually get 4-6 hrs of sleep lately.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love doing it both (working and mostly taking care of my family) but it is really exhausting sometimes honestly… and at times I can’t help myself but to think what ifs.. what if I am still single? what if I am rich? many what ifs.. But whenever I think about these, I make sure of myself after those thoughts, I get back to the reality of my life. The life that I was given and blessed with. Many people have the worst scenarios than mine and I am really blessed with what I have.

Also, since I am a logical person, I have a mindset that after those negative thoughts, I am ending it up with a positive ones that “Someday, all these things, hardships, difficulties will make a perfect sense. I need to stay still and remind myself that everything that I’ve worked so hard, will barefruit.” – Then I will feel better and energized after that.

Remember, sometimes it’s not wrong to think the negative, at times you really can’t help to think about it. But what is important is you get back your mindset in a positive note. That’s what I do and it’s very effective for me.

Thank you for reading my short personal blog topic. I hope to those who able to read this can actually understand what I am trying to convey and somehow can also be useful for you.

Thanks in advance.