Vlogging, TikToker, Game streamer, etc. | The battle of the views

Now that we are still in pandemic, there’s a huge increase of people creating their online contents (vlogging, tiktoker, game streamer, etc.) consequently many people chose to watch these kinds of platforms for entertainment due to lessen entertainment programs in TV (like shutting down of ABS-CBN TV station), movies, theater, etc.

With the same reasons as well, many artists creating their online contents as well as they already have the advantage since they already have a known name, the monetary side of these online platforms are going to be very significant based on the number of views you’ll have.

Competition for viewers/followers are so high

Since a lot of people are now creating Youtube channels, Tiktok accounts, Facebook groups/pages, etc. for their online presence and contents, to gain followers and viewers, there’s really a lot of competition out there and the type and uniqueness of its content can seal the deal.

Top 5 popular content types

5. Sports

Many people are hyped when it comes to sport, each sport have its fanbase and if you are very knowledgeable and a sports minded person. This content type can be your niche.

4. Music

If you have a talent in music, whether you play instruments, playing acoustics and can sing. This is also a popular content type.

3. Food

This is more of a general content type wherein people in different regions or race watch because everyone loves food and its our basic need. Whether you can cook or you are the one who explores the food, this can be your best content option.

2. Gaming

I think this is the hardest content to make and get followers but it has the sweetest rewards once you’ve become known. Many people mostly millenials were currently into the gaming primarily because it is fun to play and you’re attach to the game itself. But if you try to become a game streamer and targeting this as a career, to monetize, it’s going to be a difficult path. Either you become one of the best or if not, you have to be entertaining. Best thing could happen if you have both. Game streamer like ‘Ako si Dogie’ and ‘ChooxTv’ are both very popular and successful in the gaming arena particularly on Mobile Legends game.

1. Entertainment

This is quite general and basic content at the same time. Everyone can make an entertaining content nowadays. Entertainment content varies from dancing, singing, standup comedy, short stories and a lot more. The key factor in this is having a unique way on delivering it whether it can be learning, funny, make people touched or cry. One viral content of this type in these platform, I think that will seal the deal in getting followers and just continue making contents similar to it.

Post parting words

We have to maximize and make something out of this pandemic, while us mostly stay at home we can think ways to do something we love to do and share to the world, hoping that it will also reward us in the future.

Thanks for reading this blog.