3 facts about money I take to the heart in order to reach my financial goals

Few months before I started on blogging, there were a lot of realizations that came to my mind, about the mistakes I’ve done in the past that impacted my life and the definite changes I need to make in order to better my life and my family.

I have always been a fan of reading articles, listening to podcast and watching youtube videos mostly about financial literacy. I’ve been a fan and a follower of Bo Sanchez and Chinkee Tan when they make talks about stocks and financial tips. The problem with me is that I tend to lose focus and probably not take it to the heart, reason of my discourse in the right path.

One of the things I’ve realized that changed my path completely is that, if I want to really save and grow my hard earned money, I need commit to myself to make the right decisions with my money I will be earning moving forward. But in order to make the right decisions, I’ve fully understood these 3 facts about money:

  1. I will not be able to reach my financial goals in life, if I don’t save.
    • A portion of my money should be allocated on savings in the side.
  2. I can’t make my money grow, if I don’t know how to invest.
    • Here I’ve thought a lot what will be the best investment for me and for my family. Since I am an IT graduate and my wife is a marketing grad, I am confident that digital marketing will be our niche, so I came up of a series of investment plan. The first 2 are already starting which is my blog site and the other one is educational learning resources
  3. I can’t spend more than the money I make.
    • Basically, this means I need to live within my means. I can’t allow myself to buy things that aren’t necessary, perhaps buy things that are a necessity. This way, I will be able to save and allows me to invest more along the way.

These are certain facts about money that we need to understand and commit to act upon in order to achieve financial goals.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my short post about money facts. I hope that I was able to share with you something about finance that can be useful for you and your money goals in life. Please feel free to comment down if you have something to add or share.

Thanks in advance.