What is the best inheritance you could possibly give to your children?

Writing this short article before I go to sleep today. It becomes my routine recently to think deeply what happened in the past and imagine scenarios what will happen in the future. One thing pops up to my mind recently is, what is the best thing I could possibly give or to be inherited by my children from me before my twilight zone comes?

It is really a deep dive thought from me because I can work very hard to provide a lot of material stuff for my children moving forward to make sure they can get education, shelter and own savings to help for their future plans in their lives, but honestly, whenever I thought of those, I know that those are tangible things that they can lost in a lot of means.

I’ve thought so much about this the past couple of months and have realized the best thing to give to my children while I am here with them are the lessons of life, my life.


Aside from the material stuff that I will work hard to provide for them, that will only be a secondary. The primary important thing I believe is the best for them is to storytell as much as possible the lessons in every aspects of life such as:

  • How is important to become responsible and what implications that could happen if you will not assert this trait.
  • Be honest to your loved ones and to yourself.
  • Admit to your mistakes and you may never correct those but avoid doing the same mistakes as much as can going forward.
  • Live a humble and simple life. Life is not about living it to the fullest, it is not about how much your wealth is, it’s how you become genuinely happy with life by being with your loved ones and making an impact in their lives and in the lives of other people by doing good things.

These are some of the life lessons I have thought I would share and storytell my children whenever I get the chance to tell them as these are intangible things they can acquire and be with them for the rest of their lives and surely will be inherited by their kids as well.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this blog post. I know if you are a parent, we have a mutual understanding in regards to this towards our children. Do you have other ideas to share about this? Please let me know from the comments section.

Thank you in advance.