I’d like to share a short post regarding the most interesting and emotionally driven NBA2k21 official cover. It’s Kobe and his daughter Gigi ❤.

Credits to NBA 2K21 for this amazing cover photo

As a fan of Kobe, these tribute from best game makers, PlayStation and Xbox is really commendable. The game itself is already exciting to play but seeing this makes it more worth to buy and play because of the people behind this are true people who can recognize greatness and Kobe’s unmatched contributions to the game of basketball.

The NBA 2K21 will be released on September 4, 2020, on PS4 and Xbox. Also they are going to have a special Mamba Forever Edition to honor the late Kobe Bryant.

Credits to NBA 2K21 for this photo
Credits to NBA 2K21 for this photo

This is truly an amazing memorabilia piece I’ll surely buy once it is released.

Post parting words

Again, all credits for these amazing cover and special edition photos goes to the makers of NBA 2K21. Great job guys!

Thank you for reading this short post I’ve shared as a fan, to all of his fans and who loves the Basketball. Let’s support this one and I hope this pandemic will end soon so that sports, basketball in particular can get back to what is normal.

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