Finally, I am seeing some revenue tractions to my blog using WordAds

Hello there. I am writing up this post as I want to share some exciting news, for me at least 🙂 But honestly, I’ve been waiting to see some movements on the revenue side of my blog using WordAds. You may find it really insignificant or over reaction from me but this is really a milestone for my blog (considering I’ve only started my blog last may and running it for about 2 months) and I am very happy with it.

So to quickly jump on it, here’s my revenue stats last week (June month-end):

WordAds revenue for the last week of June 2020

So if you noticed, for 200 ADS Served for that week I’ve gotten an Average CPM of $0.05 which gives a Revenue of $0.01 – this is not really bad at all as I’ve seen with other related articles reports about WordAds.


Also, I have another one for this first week of July:

WordAds revenue for the first week of July 2020

This week first of July, I was able to get 78 ADS Served and gotten an Average CPM of $0.13 which again gives me a Revenue of $0.01 – which again, I think not bad.

I don’t really have much idea and explanations why I got this numbers actually, but I think based on the things I’ve read online and also when I have contacted WordPress support, the revenue of WordAds varies and depends on a lot of factors including the site’s visits region/country (i guess this also depends on the content also you have on your blog), the amount of traffic you get, number of blog posts, etc.

One thing that I can also share that supports this revenue data is that I get my second most visitors to United States (US) that could be a huge factor to get a high cpm rate or revenue. Here’s my current list of visitors’ region/country:

Another information I want to share that adds up to this:

  • Currently, I have 30 posts on my blog site
  • I have WordPress reader 29 followers
  • I have a Twitter and LinkedIn connected to my blog (but no Facebook anymore as my site got blocked by it, sadly)
  • No email subscribers yet (can you be my first one?)

Post parting words

Overall, I am very happy to where my blog site right now and I very much looking forward for it to progress more and become more visible across the google search, social media, etc.

I hope this post also shed some light if you are a novice blogger who puts ads on your blog (WordAds specifically) and can take in important factors that will also help you on your blog get some traction as well.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!