Reaching a milestone of 100 post likes. A thank you short blog post

Today, I’ve just reached a 100 post likes in my WordPress blog, and I usually celebrate every milestones as a blogger and telling my appreciation about it.

This achievement maybe not that significant for others, but for me it means a lot as a new blogger. Again, many thanks for the people who followed, visited and read my blogs. I will keep on sharing good stuff here as much as can given I also have a full time work.

A bit of a lesson also I want to share here with you. This is an example of me showing appreciation to the smallest of things that I received in my life. Having that attitude, I believe will help us become humble and keep striving in life. For me, it is an important force I do religiously so I can keep my feet on the ground. I think if that is lost, you will become arrogant and that can be a factor that can hinder your goals.

Post parting words

Again, thanks for your support to my blog. I will keep making more 🙂

Never give up on your plan. There will be times that your interest will fade, but still never give up, even if it takes a lifetime.

All of us have plans in our life, it can be in the form of career, business, family or whatever personal goals we want to reach in the future. Few people were lucky to get to the finish line quickly, some can get it towards their twilight zone lifetime (i mean at their old age), but in reality many were stuck in the middle of it and lost their interest to continue reaching its final goals. Why is that the case?

Having your own family can alter your goals

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There were many factors in life that leads us to change our life goal direction, or even stop to that extent. A very common example factor is having a family at young age. Having your own family, kids basically means you will have a responsibility to take care and provide for them. You are forced to kind of have a different perspective from that point, leading you to inch away to your original plans. Your interest is focused on the family now.

Whatever the case maybe, you have to have the ability to balance it out. Always have time to continue your life long plans/goals.

I will set myself as an example, not that good one but fair enough. I have a life long dream to become a philanthropist (become rich and help other people who are in needs), let’s say like bill gates. I really admire what he’s been doing, he’s a successful businessman, multi billionaire and most importantly, he finds ways to make a better world for everyone mostly for the poor communities and in needs. I’d like to be that someday as my plan, of course aside from my dream of being an astronaut 🙂

I had my family when I was 29 years old and I am 34 right now. Whilst I am busy with my career and taking care of my family, I am continuously finding my ways to reach that. Despite the financial mistakes that I’ve done previously, I’ve recently moving forward in the right direction, I am budgeting my income (family needs and small investment in the side) and this blogging platform. For now, I am writing positive stuff/stories that if ever people gets that chance to read my blogs and eventually take away something out of it like a lesson, I am very much satisfied and definitely will be happy. Somehow I can feel my life long goal is slightly reached, but for sure, it’s not enough and I will still have that goal set in my mind.

Fading interest in your life plans. Think your plans as if it is your life quest.

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There will be times and phases in your life that you will loose your interest with your plans. You will mostly feel that whenever you get tired on your current situation. But the thing here is that, you have to have the ability to get back in the track and never lose sight on your life plans. For me, whenever I feel I am losing my sight of my plans, losing my interest, I will just think of positive thoughts, that I need to do it as if it is my purpose of my life, my quest and this part is just a challenge that I have to conquer. From that point, my mindset will be back and get focused again.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading out this blog post. I hope I am able to share with you again some helpful stories and life lessons you can refer with whatever situation you have in your life right now. Hope you can also read out some of my previous shared posts that can get your interest as well.

Thanks in advance.

It has been awhile, have been very busy and very exhausted. Sharing my personal feelings and thoughts

Hello Frolks, friends and folks is what i mean 🙂 It’s been awhile since I’ve posted my last blog as I have been very busy with my real work as a Website developer. I am currently onto a huge client project that is quite taking my personal time as well.

This post is kind of a personal reflection on what’s going on lately in my life and what I thought about it. Thank you, if you will still going to continue reading, if not – thank you as well 😀

I’d like to share that while I am very much busy with work and after work or actually at times while working, I am taking care of my children as well. It is really exhausting physically and mentally. I don’t get enough sleep as I usually get 4-6 hrs of sleep lately.

Don’t get me wrong, but I love doing it both (working and mostly taking care of my family) but it is really exhausting sometimes honestly… and at times I can’t help myself but to think what ifs.. what if I am still single? what if I am rich? many what ifs.. But whenever I think about these, I make sure of myself after those thoughts, I get back to the reality of my life. The life that I was given and blessed with. Many people have the worst scenarios than mine and I am really blessed with what I have.

Also, since I am a logical person, I have a mindset that after those negative thoughts, I am ending it up with a positive ones that “Someday, all these things, hardships, difficulties will make a perfect sense. I need to stay still and remind myself that everything that I’ve worked so hard, will barefruit.” – Then I will feel better and energized after that.

Remember, sometimes it’s not wrong to think the negative, at times you really can’t help to think about it. But what is important is you get back your mindset in a positive note. That’s what I do and it’s very effective for me.

Thank you for reading my short personal blog topic. I hope to those who able to read this can actually understand what I am trying to convey and somehow can also be useful for you.

Thanks in advance.

Vlogging, TikToker, Game streamer, etc. | The battle of the views

Now that we are still in pandemic, there’s a huge increase of people creating their online contents (vlogging, tiktoker, game streamer, etc.) consequently many people chose to watch these kinds of platforms for entertainment due to lessen entertainment programs in TV (like shutting down of ABS-CBN TV station), movies, theater, etc.

With the same reasons as well, many artists creating their online contents as well as they already have the advantage since they already have a known name, the monetary side of these online platforms are going to be very significant based on the number of views you’ll have.

Competition for viewers/followers are so high

Since a lot of people are now creating Youtube channels, Tiktok accounts, Facebook groups/pages, etc. for their online presence and contents, to gain followers and viewers, there’s really a lot of competition out there and the type and uniqueness of its content can seal the deal.

Top 5 popular content types

5. Sports

Many people are hyped when it comes to sport, each sport have its fanbase and if you are very knowledgeable and a sports minded person. This content type can be your niche.

4. Music

If you have a talent in music, whether you play instruments, playing acoustics and can sing. This is also a popular content type.

3. Food

This is more of a general content type wherein people in different regions or race watch because everyone loves food and its our basic need. Whether you can cook or you are the one who explores the food, this can be your best content option.

2. Gaming

I think this is the hardest content to make and get followers but it has the sweetest rewards once you’ve become known. Many people mostly millenials were currently into the gaming primarily because it is fun to play and you’re attach to the game itself. But if you try to become a game streamer and targeting this as a career, to monetize, it’s going to be a difficult path. Either you become one of the best or if not, you have to be entertaining. Best thing could happen if you have both. Game streamer like ‘Ako si Dogie’ and ‘ChooxTv’ are both very popular and successful in the gaming arena particularly on Mobile Legends game.

1. Entertainment

This is quite general and basic content at the same time. Everyone can make an entertaining content nowadays. Entertainment content varies from dancing, singing, standup comedy, short stories and a lot more. The key factor in this is having a unique way on delivering it whether it can be learning, funny, make people touched or cry. One viral content of this type in these platform, I think that will seal the deal in getting followers and just continue making contents similar to it.

Post parting words

We have to maximize and make something out of this pandemic, while us mostly stay at home we can think ways to do something we love to do and share to the world, hoping that it will also reward us in the future.

Thanks for reading this blog.

Shout out to all my blog followers! Just showing my appreciation

In my almost 3 months of blogging, as a blogger having followers on your blog is such a great feeling because, that means they take some time to read your post/s and is interested to read more on your future contents. It’s also a gauge to know you are on the right path as a blogger since somebody appreciates your content.

Thank you!

Thank you! only two words, but means a lot.

Shout out to them and if you are a new reader/follower of my blog, come check their blog here in WordPress as well as I am sure they have their unique/informative/entertaining content that you might get interested and be useful for you:




































My Blog followers

Post parting words

In this life, it’s true that we can’t be successful alone, we always need someone or a group of people to help us become successful. It’s also the same for blogging industry, we need people like our readers/followers to become successful in what we are trying to achieve. For that, we should always be thankful to those people. That is what my parents taught me growing up.

We all have in us a little bit of ‘I want to save the world’

I am writing this to make a positive note, to remind everyone to hold on. I know we all have different struggles during this uncertain times because of the pandemic. But there’s no other way out but together. We need each other to work together to get out of this. Needless to say, I know you know what to do and what can be your partake in this times in our society. I know we can do it, you can.

I truly believe that we all have in us a little bit of ‘I want to save the world’. Now we can grab our chance and just do it. After all this, we could be proud to say, “We did it!”

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this one and I really hope we can surpass all of this, together.

3 facts about money I take to the heart in order to reach my financial goals

Few months before I started on blogging, there were a lot of realizations that came to my mind, about the mistakes I’ve done in the past that impacted my life and the definite changes I need to make in order to better my life and my family.

I have always been a fan of reading articles, listening to podcast and watching youtube videos mostly about financial literacy. I’ve been a fan and a follower of Bo Sanchez and Chinkee Tan when they make talks about stocks and financial tips. The problem with me is that I tend to lose focus and probably not take it to the heart, reason of my discourse in the right path.

One of the things I’ve realized that changed my path completely is that, if I want to really save and grow my hard earned money, I need commit to myself to make the right decisions with my money I will be earning moving forward. But in order to make the right decisions, I’ve fully understood these 3 facts about money:

  1. I will not be able to reach my financial goals in life, if I don’t save.
    • A portion of my money should be allocated on savings in the side.
  2. I can’t make my money grow, if I don’t know how to invest.
    • Here I’ve thought a lot what will be the best investment for me and for my family. Since I am an IT graduate and my wife is a marketing grad, I am confident that digital marketing will be our niche, so I came up of a series of investment plan. The first 2 are already starting which is my blog site and the other one is educational learning resources
  3. I can’t spend more than the money I make.
    • Basically, this means I need to live within my means. I can’t allow myself to buy things that aren’t necessary, perhaps buy things that are a necessity. This way, I will be able to save and allows me to invest more along the way.

These are certain facts about money that we need to understand and commit to act upon in order to achieve financial goals.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my short post about money facts. I hope that I was able to share with you something about finance that can be useful for you and your money goals in life. Please feel free to comment down if you have something to add or share.

Thanks in advance.

What is the best inheritance you could possibly give to your children?

Writing this short article before I go to sleep today. It becomes my routine recently to think deeply what happened in the past and imagine scenarios what will happen in the future. One thing pops up to my mind recently is, what is the best thing I could possibly give or to be inherited by my children from me before my twilight zone comes?

It is really a deep dive thought from me because I can work very hard to provide a lot of material stuff for my children moving forward to make sure they can get education, shelter and own savings to help for their future plans in their lives, but honestly, whenever I thought of those, I know that those are tangible things that they can lost in a lot of means.

I’ve thought so much about this the past couple of months and have realized the best thing to give to my children while I am here with them are the lessons of life, my life.


Aside from the material stuff that I will work hard to provide for them, that will only be a secondary. The primary important thing I believe is the best for them is to storytell as much as possible the lessons in every aspects of life such as:

  • How is important to become responsible and what implications that could happen if you will not assert this trait.
  • Be honest to your loved ones and to yourself.
  • Admit to your mistakes and you may never correct those but avoid doing the same mistakes as much as can going forward.
  • Live a humble and simple life. Life is not about living it to the fullest, it is not about how much your wealth is, it’s how you become genuinely happy with life by being with your loved ones and making an impact in their lives and in the lives of other people by doing good things.

These are some of the life lessons I have thought I would share and storytell my children whenever I get the chance to tell them as these are intangible things they can acquire and be with them for the rest of their lives and surely will be inherited by their kids as well.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this blog post. I know if you are a parent, we have a mutual understanding in regards to this towards our children. Do you have other ideas to share about this? Please let me know from the comments section.

Thank you in advance.

What do you think you can do or have done that surely you hold the title of the best record for Guinness Book of World Records?

Writing this very first Untapped Topic I thought would be interesting to ask you guys or answer on my end. Question is, what do you think you can do or have done that surely you hold the best record for Guinness Book of World Records?

Well, honestly, I’ve thought of this a lot and it’s really hard to think what is the unique things that I can or I have done so far that I am pretty sure I will have an edge to others, in the entire world.

So to answer: I have the best record of most number of washed feeding bottles with nipples and cap of my children from all the Fathers out there, in their entire Fatherhood. Mind blown? Haha.

To support my claim on this record, I’ll make a summary outline of it below:

  • When my wife and I had our first born, we’ve agreed on some household chores for which ones we are comfortable to do the most. So in short, I’ve chosen this chore.
  • We had our first born child in 2016, and had my second one in 2018, a total of 2 children.
  • They’ve both usually use 7 feeding items each on a daily basis.
  • To compute these:

First child (4 years old × 365 days × 7 = 10,220) +

Second child (2 years old × 365 days × 7 = 5,110)

Approximately, 15,330 in running total of washed feeding items in my whole fatherhood. Again, mind blown haha.


Well, I do believe that I really hold the Guinness world title for this specific category 😅 of course unless, some father out there can get this virtual record from me by trying to reclaim it here and provide their record that beats mine, haha.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading this first untapped topic post where I will be thinking unique topics that I guess and hoped have never been tackled anywhere, anyhow. Feel free to read my other blog catergories’ post to find informative topics that might be useful or something to reflect on for you.

Thanks in advance.

An emotional NBA2k21 cover, Kobe & Gigi ❤

I’d like to share a short post regarding the most interesting and emotionally driven NBA2k21 official cover. It’s Kobe and his daughter Gigi ❤.

Credits to NBA 2K21 for this amazing cover photo

As a fan of Kobe, these tribute from best game makers, PlayStation and Xbox is really commendable. The game itself is already exciting to play but seeing this makes it more worth to buy and play because of the people behind this are true people who can recognize greatness and Kobe’s unmatched contributions to the game of basketball.

The NBA 2K21 will be released on September 4, 2020, on PS4 and Xbox. Also they are going to have a special Mamba Forever Edition to honor the late Kobe Bryant.

Credits to NBA 2K21 for this photo
Credits to NBA 2K21 for this photo

This is truly an amazing memorabilia piece I’ll surely buy once it is released.

Post parting words

Again, all credits for these amazing cover and special edition photos goes to the makers of NBA 2K21. Great job guys!

Thank you for reading this short post I’ve shared as a fan, to all of his fans and who loves the Basketball. Let’s support this one and I hope this pandemic will end soon so that sports, basketball in particular can get back to what is normal.

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