Why do we feel we are getting old a bit faster?

Writing this short blog as I have realized something important I wanted to share with you guys.

Our youthful days

Remember when you were a kid, you have all the time to explore the things around you. Sometimes, it gets to a point that you get bored because the time seems very slow to pass by. But, as a kid I remember that I am so much happy when I first:

  • Play the bubbles
  • Get to see a rainbow in the sky
  • Catch a dragonfly
  • Heard a sound of a cricket
  • Put my created paper boat to a water flowing down the curbs of the streets

A lot of new things unfold when you are a kid because of one important factor that is, you have TIME.

Our Adulthood

Being an adult, we are in the stage of our lives wherein we have different kinds of responsibilities, may it be on the family, work, business and other activity stuff that we get busy with and consume most of our TIME on a daily basis. Do you notice that the time flies fast? Also, do you feel the time isn’t enough for you to accomplish those things you have to do for today? Well, those are the things you’ll feel and get being an adult. But one thing is for sure that many of us, adults tend to forget the essential things that we do as a kid.

The reality is..

Yes, it is very important that as adults, we do what we have to do with our responsibilities in life. However, doing these things alone will eventually have an impact on us, and one of which is to make us feel that time runs out very quickly. In effect, it will get us look older physically in a more faster way.

There is a saying that, “We our old enough to play like kids, but in reality, we are not playing like kids anymore that’s why we are getting old”

If we follow the logic in here, being a kid, the time seems very slow to pass by, but being an adult makes the opposite effects. So I think, it is essential for us, adults to find time to play and think like kids so we can take a break from stressful ways of adults. Explore things around us like kids, like looking at the flock of birds flying, imagine what clouds are trying to form, check the stars constellations or anything you could think of what a child can think of around them – these will have a positive impact in our mind and body if we do this regularly.

Caution: Play and think like a child but not act childishly as this might get you into trouble. lol 🙂

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you’ve get something positive out of it and help you in a little way moving forward in your life. I hope you can also read my other blogs, follow and share.

Thanks in advance.