Enough of politics. Save humanity.

Writing this up, hoping that somehow and in some way I could send a little voice to every leaders in the government of every country who are making a lot of politics in their move to address the current pandemic situation, basically for their self interest or corruption. This is currently happening particularly in my country Philippines wherein from the president, vice president, senators, down to barangay officials, many of them, based on all the left and right news of their argumentations, it seems like it is all shaded by politics. They are arguing a lot of non important stuff or issues instead of focusing and being united on the real solution to the real problems we are facing right now.

What are the real problems we are facing?

Our one true main enemy here is the Coronavirus or Covid-19. But there are underlying problems associated with it that the government and the leaders in it must be addressed:

  • Lost job or Income
    • They, the governemnt must take actions for those people who lost their jobs or income. Think of ways how to help them get back and can generate an income, for their families.
  • Failing healthcare system
    • While we are still awaiting for a coronavirus vaccine to be created, covid-19 cases are still on the rise and with this, we need to strengthen our hospitals nationwide, mostly the government ones. We need to equip our frontliners to them them getting infected as we can’t no longer afford to lose a number of them, instead we must find ways to recruit healthcare workers and increase their numbers.
  • We are still not able to flatten the curve
    • The government must also focus now in finding a cure rather than just wait for a vaccine. We have a lot of intelligent doctors, health practisioners in this country. We can collaborate with them to find a simple cure to somehow negate, if not lessen the effects of the virus symptoms. This is to lower the death rate and increase the recoveries. One thing is for certain here, people who recovered from the virus are mostly have a good and healthy immune system.
  • We are verging into chaos or civil war
    • The lists mentioned above, if not addressed soon, may lead to chaos everywhere, just like what is happening right now in U.S, since the government could not address the real problems, instead making some unrightful remarks that triggers the suffering people, instead of helping them get back up. This is not about George Floyd anymore, it is about human instinct of the people who wants to survive.

Post parting words

I am not saying the government is not doing their job. I am just saying that they can do better, a lot better actually if it will be given a focus and not dwell on politics. Feel the people, hear them and stand where they stand. Maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to understand them and do what you have to do as the leaders of the country.

Thanks for reading this blog. I still have faith on our leaders and I hope they will take the necessary actions from this point, in this uncertain times.