My top 5 best music artist/band of all time. Local and International

I am writing this blog to share with you guys my top 5 best music artist/band of all time, for both local and international. I was an 80s child and I’ve started to become aware about what music is when I was 5 years old, I think. Since then I have been in loved with it particularly of genres like pop, pop rock, ballad and alternative rock. There were a lot of great music artist during my younger days up until now which helped me mold and shape myself into what I am today. A better person than yesterday. Well that could be a title of a song but let’s talk about that next time.

5. Eraserheads


The band was formed in 1989 and started performing im 1990s. Lead by their vocalist/Guitarist Ely Buendia, they have become one of the Philippine iconic rock band and described as the Philippines’ The Beatles. Their most popular hit songs and my favorites as well are “Pare ko”, “Ang huling el bimbo”, “With a smile”, “Minsan” and “Ligaya”. There are actually a lot more that really made them a huge part of Philippine music history.

4. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez, known as Bruno Mars, is a multi talented musician as he can both sing and play various instruments. He’s also a great song writer and a dancer. He has Filipino roots as his mother is a Filipino. His career started to take off in 2010 with his collaboration song “Nothin’ on you” and “Billionaire”.

My most favorite song from his are ‘Just the way you are’ that kind of inspired me to use the song to serenade someone special that time and became a special song, all time favorites.

3. Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar

Known for their rock novelty hit songs, the band ‘Parokya ni Edgar’ started to became popular in 1996 with their hit songs ‘Buloy’, ‘Trip’, and ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo’. The band is considered as “Pambansang Banda ng Pilipinas” or “Philippine National Band” because of their songs that truly marked the country’s music industry and also because of their band longevity as they’ve been together and running in the music scene up until this day.

My most favorite songs of them are ‘Don’ t touch my birdie’, ‘Harana’ and ‘Your Song’ – which is also very special as I use this song again to serenade a special someone.

2. Lauv


From all in the list so far, Lauv is the latest music icon I’ve become a fan with. Ari Staprans Leff, known professionally as Lauv is a singer, song writer and record producer as well. An all around music artist. He started his music career in 2015, but taken off in 2017 when he released his single ‘I like me better’ as the song went on top of the charts. Also, it was my top 2 song of all time as it really captured my taste in music and lyrics perfectly. I really loved the version he did in the piano in this video:

Lauv sings ‘I like me better’ live in Wish 107.5

His success continues as he’s been doing collaboration with other music artists that paves way to showcase more of his talents and versatilities as an artist. One of my favorite collaboration was with Lany with the song ‘Mean it’. Here’s to share the song video:

Lauv feat. Lany in the song ‘Mean It’

1. Coldplay


Coldplay is my top 1 music band of all time by far. The band was formed in 1998, whose melodic piano-driven anthems gained their popularity in the year 2000 with the breakthrough single ‘Yellow’.

Lead by vocalist/pianist Chris Martin, the band quickly became the biggest band of the 21st century. The most popular songs and my favorite ones are ‘The Scientist’, ‘Viva la Vida’ and ofcourse, my most meaningful song of all time and I’ve blogged previously, the song ‘Fix You’ are one of those songs that life changing, well as for me.

One thing I’ve particularly loved about Coldplay is that they’ve rocked the heck out of you during their concerts (Although, I haven’t experienced watching them live yet. Just only in youtube). Here’s one concert song video, that I’ve watched a thousand times i guess but still I am still entertained.

Coldplay sings ‘Viva la Vida’ live concert

Even if I just watched it in youtube, I can still feel the great energy vibe that they have delivered with that song. Truly amazing.

Post Parting Words

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you can related with my top list, if not, you can share what’s yours in the comment section.

Thanks in advance.