Five feet apart – 2019 movie. A combination of tragedy, inspirational, romance and lessons about life

Writing this blog article quickly as I’ve just finished watching the movie “Five Feet Apart” I’ve stumbled upon on Youtube movies and don’t want to forget my thoughts came in while watching this. It is such a great story with a combination of romance, tragedy, inspirational and lessons about life. Here’s the link:

The story synopsis

The story revolves around a young lady “Stella” who had a disease that is called Cystic Fibrosis – basically affects the lungs and digestive system that produces mucus that affects its lungs and is life-threatening. She had this when she was a little and was sick her whole life.

To cut the story short, he met a young man “Will” with a similar condition at the hospital were they having their treatment. That the life changing part of Stella as she lived all through out her life with routines and following the protocols to survive and somehow hoping to get healed. Now, she starts to follow the direction of what her heart desires.

Highlights of the Story

There are three highlights I wanted to story-tell out in this film.

  1. Stella has a sister “Abby” who is very closed to her growing up. Her sister is healthy unlike her, but Abby is always there for Stella in all her battles to her disease. But in a very unfortunate incident, irony in life, her sister have died in a fatal accident. Since Stella wasn’t able to live an active life, Abby wants to do it for her. Stella had a moment in the movie where she had shown depression and asking as to why did it happen to her sister so suddenly where it should be her that is expected to go anytime. How ironic our life is as I also kind of stopped and think for a moment there as well.
  2. At the beginning of the story, when Stella met Will the first time, it was like a battle of cat and dog as they kind of not like each other on their first impression. But then it changes when WIll started to check and got interested to Stella’s Youtube channel where she shares her routines in treating CF disease. Then they’ve got the chance to spend more time together as Stella wants every patient in the hospital including Will to follow the treatment routines that she’s been doing. But the romantic part here is when they’ve become officially a couple. As they’ve become close and kind of have a mutual understanding mostly in the part when Stella will be having a surgery for the infection she had. Will was sneaked in to just encourage her to be strong. After a successful surgery, Will found out that Stella’s condition got worst and became hesitant to come close to her anymore. But Stella is very firm now on her feelings with Will that she found a way to still be together even with rules of being five feet apart. Then Will gave in as he’s really in loved now with Stella. Such a good feeling of in love to see in that part/moment in the movie.
  3. The turn of events got faster during the ending part of the movie where Stella’s best friend Poe have died who also have the same condition. Stella couldn’t believed and got depressed in life. Also Will was really upset he couldn’t help Stella. But a turn of events, they’ve decided to went out in the hospital even if it is very hazardous with their condition and also its winter that time. Stella wants to live her live because anytime it can be taken away. As they’ve enjoyed a very romantic walk across the bridge and go to a frozen lake, Stella received a good news that she already have a lungs that is available for here transplant. Will also got informed about it as they’ve been looking for already in the hospital. But things got a bit interesting when Stella accidentally fell into the frozen lake which eventually cracked then fell under the cold water. Will was there and able to get her out of the water but Stella wasn’t breathing, he had no choice but to do a CPR to her even if it is risky to both of their health. He had to do it and fortunately, Stella was revived because of it. They have been also rescued in time and Stella immediately will undergo to her lung transplant but is hesitant. Will requested to Stella to do it for him and she did. Stella had a successful transplant but Will is getting worse and time is running out for him. Will made a final surprise to Stella, knowing to himself that it could be the last time to do it. With the help of the hospital staff, Will’s mom and Stella’s family, they’ve prepared a lights setup outside of the hospital where Stella could see it when she wakes up. Stella woke up and see’s Will’s surprise to her and bid farewell to her as well at that moment. It was both so romantic and heart-breaking as you wanted the story to end up happy but not every happy ending means staying together.

Lessons you get from the Story

There were a lot of life lessons I’ve realized from the story.

  • Life is very mysterious, you may have it now but you can never be sure if you will still have it tomorrow. As Stella’s quoted on the last moment in the movie, “Life is too short to waste a second”. – I think this is very true. In this life, we oftentimes waste a lot of time in doing something stupid and nonproductive things. We spend time to the people who is not worth to spend it with. I think, it is really important to spend your time with quality, meaning with those people you loved whether families or friends. Do productive things, it can be studying and learning new things that matters and could make an impact to your life.
  • Being sick whatever case it maybe, life should continue until you still have it. Fight for it and don’t lose hope. Like what happened to Stella, it may seem that there’s nothing to hope for, things already gotten worse, all her life she was sick. But somehow, in some miraculous circumstances, she was able to get through it.
  • Love, aside from a lot of meaning to this word is. In this movie, the meaning it resonates to me is “Sacrifice”. If you really love someone, in a deepest sense, you surely can sacrifice everything for it, even if it means your own life. In one particular moment in the movie where Stella was drowned and Will had no choice to do a CPR for her, even if it means it will caused him his life in doing it. What is important for him is she lives. It’s romantic in that movie but in real essence of love, it can happen in real life scenario. I wished before I could have that, but not many people found true love. That’s the reality of this life. But if you found one, never let go of it.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my post which is not a movie review. It is more likely a sharing of a personal view on it and also a sort of recommendation as well, if you want to feel a mixed emotions of great love, suffering, hope and sacrifice. If you have already watch it, feel free to comment out what you think and the lessons you get out from it.

Thanks in advance.