An open letter to my fellow bloggers, of all types

I am writing this blog to make a humble appeal to all millions of bloggers out there, for sure. There are different types of blogger, your blog may be about travel, lifestyle, music, sports, food and lot more actually. Some of you are already have a community, with thousands to millions of followers. But many of the bloggers (majority actually) doesn’t have a lot of followers or readers. For me, although a blogger’s success doesn’t really define how many follows or reads your posts, it is how you build up/collect your stories, experiences and ideas, put it all together just like a book that you can treasure. But the reality is many of us, wants our book to share by having it in the public library so others can read it and learn from it. Problem is your book is one of the millions of books in the library and there are related books from yours that are popular already and only a few can get yours and just take a glance.

My humble suggestion, support your co-blogger in anyway you can

As blogger, you come across to many blog site’s for sure. Most of you come across with, I am pretty sure, most of them, you just leave and go on. It is understandable because you don’t want to waste time as you look for something near to exact topic you want to get or read. But I think, there are little to many ways you can credit and support the blog site you come by with:

  • Like the article, even if you didn’t get anything you are looking for from it. There’s no harm of any kind if you do that and no time is wasted for just tapping the like button. The impression it will make to the liked article/posts is somewhat huge and will be appreciated by the blogger, for sure.
  • If you, in anyway, really liked the article you’ve read, learned something from it, you should follow or email subscribe to the blogger. There will be many of those articles in future that you may get interested and its a way for them to notify you about it.
  • Share the article/post if you have learned something from it. There are many ways to share this, either via your social media platforms or make a referral to your own blog post by adding the link in there and make short mention to the blogger and its related article.
  • Lastly, if you find your blog is similar to the blog you came across with but offering a different taste or maybe a broader topic, you can make a collaboration to the blogger. Get the email address of the blogger (usually in the about section) and drop an email about it. Can share your ideas or whatever, with the goal to just help each other out to become a better blogger.

My logic in this is that, if all of us will help each other out, even in the smallest ways, you can make your co-blogger, inch by inch reach his/her goals as a blogger, become successful eventually. How it feels great to be able to help, right?

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope this would be helpful and informative for you. If you are a new blogger, drop me a message and share your content. I’ll make sure to make sometime to check your content about and make a support, for sure. If you are already a successful blogger, would you mind supporting my blog? I would really appreciate it. Please let me know what you think by commenting on this post.

Thanks in advance.