Filipinos are resilient, happy people even in the toughest times

I am writing this blog to share to you how I am proud of myself being a Filipino and its great qualities comes along being it.

Even in facing a lot of troubles and struggles right now because of what’s happening like the coronavirus pandemic, forced to be quarantined/stay at home, lose jobs, etc., we continue to move on, find ways to earn a living, help others, strong faith in God remains and most of all, we find ways to be happy. We, Filipinos are certainly resilient.

An example of this is a funny meme that is being shared online. It depicts that while other countries are worried about what’s happening, in Philippines, we just continue to do our living like selling online stuff. It’s kind of truth actually.

Another one is a funny viral video being shared online, that a lady is pranking her friend by calling him in his cellphone and making him believe to a recorded popular game show “Wowowin” (show and hosted by Willie Revillame), that he was a winner and making him interact with the recorded voice of the host. Pretty funny and entertaining.

Video credit to owner Jade Cielo-Pedrigala of Facebook

Speaking of helping others which is one of the best qualities of Filipinos. One thing I wanted to highlight is the show Wowowin of Willie Revillame. This person have been helping a lot of people through his game show for quite a long time, I think more than a decade now.

The sincerity of Willie Revillame in helping others is remarkable as even right now, while there are no other show similar to his were able to resume to air in TV stations, he still makes it happen just to continue to help. There was a time recently he has done it in his home and even change the show’s format to allow his followers have the chance to win.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I was able to share with you a glimpse of what Filipinos are made of, and how proud I am being one. Mabuhay!