Year 2020, do you want a reset?

We are now at the end of second quarter of this year 2020 and there were A LOT of strange, tragic and terrible things happened already and currently we are still facing.

I’ve tried to google the things that happened this year and these are the top 10 results:

Year 2020 terrible events happened
Taal Volcano eruption, last January 12, 2020

From the list, one specific happened to my country Philippines, last January 12th, was the Taal Volcano eruption. This catastrophic event took 39 casualties, plus killed a lot of livelihood from the people nearby towns.

Also on the list is the tragic death of NBA legend and is considered the goat in basketball, Kobe Bryant. This tragedy was really shocked and dishearted not only his fans like me, but also the world of sports in general as this is something you have never thought that would have happened given he’s physique and as a superior athlete.

Kobe Bryant

The most terrible on all is apparently still happening as of today. The Coronavirus, or known as Covid-19, is the worst pandemic happened in our lifetime. It killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world and had a devastating impact on all economics in all nations. Right now, we are still hoping for a vaccine to be created soon…

Aside from those list, there were other strange things that happened around the world. One is the swarm of Locust in Africa and India. Another one is a bizzare cyclone or hurricane happened here in Metro Manila, that is actually very strange as here, we don’t normally have those kind.

Hurricane/cyclone footage, credit to Ericka Jane of Facebook

Is this a sign? The beginning of end?

For me, regardless if it is a sign or not, that life as we know it comes to an end soon, we still have to live and have hope. Matter of fact, end is inevitable thing that will surely happen in this physical world. It is just a matter of time.

Spend more time with your family and loved ones

We all have our life timelines as we never know when will our time runs out on this earth. Spending more time with loved ones should be our top priority because at the end of the day, you will remember not your accomplishments nor the material things you have built. It’s the memories of you and your loved ones that you will recall…

Post parting words

This year 2020, has been very difficult so far but I am hopeful that we, together will get through this all. This too shall pass for sure. In God’s will.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that this article gave you some insights about what’s happening and reflect to it as well. What are your hopes for this year to happen? Appreciate if you make a comment or follow this blog.

Thanks in advance.