Mobile Legends | Playing the game again

Hello my fellow gamers! If you are a fan or playing mobile legends, I’ll be sharing here ML stuff here that you might relate or can checkout to learn about it, how I play.

My Stats (I know, it is not that good but I usually played rank and just go solo 😢

I first play ML in 2018 and continue to play til mid 2019, but I’ve stopped on playing back then because I’ve gotten busy with work, family and other stuff. This week, I am back at playing it again 😊

My hero type preferences are Marksman and Tank types. And my primary heroes are Granger & Clint for marksman and Lolita for tank.


Here’s to share my first ever game when I came back to play ML. It’s a win, but performance wise? Well, not bad. Come check this out as I’ve uploaded it in my youtube channel:

First game ever for my ML comeback in more than 6 months 🙂

Well, it’s really fun when you play the game you love and you never get bored in it.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my post. I’ll be sharing more stuff in the future related to ML and ofcourse other gaming stuff I am into, so stay tuned with my blog.

Thanks in advance.

WordPress Basic Tutorial | Getting Familiar with Admin Panel Controls

In my first video tutorial about WordPress, I’ve shared on how to quickly install wordpress website for Free.

In this video, I’ll be sharing an overview tutorial of the admin panel controls for you to get familiar with and be able to start to kick off your blog site.

Here’s the video:

If you are unable to see the video above, I’ve uploaded this on my youtube channel. Here’s the embedded video:

WordPress basic tutorial | Getting familiar with admin panel controls

WordPress is such a great platform if you want a a faster way to create a website and a very user friendly panel control interface in building you website contents.

This is only the part one of the tutorial series on managing your WordPress site. If you have any questions, please put a comment here and I’ll get back to you as soon as can.

Thanks in advance.

Why do we feel we are getting old a bit faster?

Writing this short blog as I have realized something important I wanted to share with you guys.

Our youthful days

Remember when you were a kid, you have all the time to explore the things around you. Sometimes, it gets to a point that you get bored because the time seems very slow to pass by. But, as a kid I remember that I am so much happy when I first:

  • Play the bubbles
  • Get to see a rainbow in the sky
  • Catch a dragonfly
  • Heard a sound of a cricket
  • Put my created paper boat to a water flowing down the curbs of the streets

A lot of new things unfold when you are a kid because of one important factor that is, you have TIME.

Our Adulthood

Being an adult, we are in the stage of our lives wherein we have different kinds of responsibilities, may it be on the family, work, business and other activity stuff that we get busy with and consume most of our TIME on a daily basis. Do you notice that the time flies fast? Also, do you feel the time isn’t enough for you to accomplish those things you have to do for today? Well, those are the things you’ll feel and get being an adult. But one thing is for sure that many of us, adults tend to forget the essential things that we do as a kid.

The reality is..

Yes, it is very important that as adults, we do what we have to do with our responsibilities in life. However, doing these things alone will eventually have an impact on us, and one of which is to make us feel that time runs out very quickly. In effect, it will get us look older physically in a more faster way.

There is a saying that, “We our old enough to play like kids, but in reality, we are not playing like kids anymore that’s why we are getting old”

If we follow the logic in here, being a kid, the time seems very slow to pass by, but being an adult makes the opposite effects. So I think, it is essential for us, adults to find time to play and think like kids so we can take a break from stressful ways of adults. Explore things around us like kids, like looking at the flock of birds flying, imagine what clouds are trying to form, check the stars constellations or anything you could think of what a child can think of around them – these will have a positive impact in our mind and body if we do this regularly.

Caution: Play and think like a child but not act childishly as this might get you into trouble. lol 🙂

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you’ve get something positive out of it and help you in a little way moving forward in your life. I hope you can also read my other blogs, follow and share.

Thanks in advance.

Enough of politics. Save humanity.

Writing this up, hoping that somehow and in some way I could send a little voice to every leaders in the government of every country who are making a lot of politics in their move to address the current pandemic situation, basically for their self interest or corruption. This is currently happening particularly in my country Philippines wherein from the president, vice president, senators, down to barangay officials, many of them, based on all the left and right news of their argumentations, it seems like it is all shaded by politics. They are arguing a lot of non important stuff or issues instead of focusing and being united on the real solution to the real problems we are facing right now.

What are the real problems we are facing?

Our one true main enemy here is the Coronavirus or Covid-19. But there are underlying problems associated with it that the government and the leaders in it must be addressed:

  • Lost job or Income
    • They, the governemnt must take actions for those people who lost their jobs or income. Think of ways how to help them get back and can generate an income, for their families.
  • Failing healthcare system
    • While we are still awaiting for a coronavirus vaccine to be created, covid-19 cases are still on the rise and with this, we need to strengthen our hospitals nationwide, mostly the government ones. We need to equip our frontliners to them them getting infected as we can’t no longer afford to lose a number of them, instead we must find ways to recruit healthcare workers and increase their numbers.
  • We are still not able to flatten the curve
    • The government must also focus now in finding a cure rather than just wait for a vaccine. We have a lot of intelligent doctors, health practisioners in this country. We can collaborate with them to find a simple cure to somehow negate, if not lessen the effects of the virus symptoms. This is to lower the death rate and increase the recoveries. One thing is for certain here, people who recovered from the virus are mostly have a good and healthy immune system.
  • We are verging into chaos or civil war
    • The lists mentioned above, if not addressed soon, may lead to chaos everywhere, just like what is happening right now in U.S, since the government could not address the real problems, instead making some unrightful remarks that triggers the suffering people, instead of helping them get back up. This is not about George Floyd anymore, it is about human instinct of the people who wants to survive.

Post parting words

I am not saying the government is not doing their job. I am just saying that they can do better, a lot better actually if it will be given a focus and not dwell on politics. Feel the people, hear them and stand where they stand. Maybe, just maybe you’ll be able to understand them and do what you have to do as the leaders of the country.

Thanks for reading this blog. I still have faith on our leaders and I hope they will take the necessary actions from this point, in this uncertain times.

I’ve ranked on Google Search results using my keywords and tags.

Writing this short blog to basically share some great news for myself, as I have ranked in google search engine results using my keywords or tags. It’s an amazing feeling and made me more inspired to continue making more attractive, meaningful and unique blog posts.

The good news

Basically, when I’ve tried to search on the google the keywords “Gambling” and “Self-destruction”, I’ve never thought that I would be seeing my website on the first results page. Plus, it’s in the top 10 results which shows that my posts particularly this Gambling is getting some traction to a lot of people. It’s really a win win for me because, I am really an advocate and against all kinds or ways of Gambling. If a lot of people will be able to read it, that is all worth for me.

Here’s to share a screenshot of what I am proud of as of today:

A bit of advice to others who are just starting with your blog and SEO

It’s been only a month or so since I’ve started my blog and I am still very far from my goals yet. However, seeing a great traction with my posts makes me pumped up and continue with this more than ever.

My advice so far is just keep going with what you are doing as a blogger – think of ideas, put it into words, select unique keywords & tags, and post those stuffs as much as you can. Don’t be bother if you are not getting the results, as it will come along the way, for sure. Be patient, don’t expect and keep going.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope you get something out of it. If you can check out my other posts, I appreciate it.

Thanks in advance.

My top 5 best music artist/band of all time. Local and International

I am writing this blog to share with you guys my top 5 best music artist/band of all time, for both local and international. I was an 80s child and I’ve started to become aware about what music is when I was 5 years old, I think. Since then I have been in loved with it particularly of genres like pop, pop rock, ballad and alternative rock. There were a lot of great music artist during my younger days up until now which helped me mold and shape myself into what I am today. A better person than yesterday. Well that could be a title of a song but let’s talk about that next time.

5. Eraserheads


The band was formed in 1989 and started performing im 1990s. Lead by their vocalist/Guitarist Ely Buendia, they have become one of the Philippine iconic rock band and described as the Philippines’ The Beatles. Their most popular hit songs and my favorites as well are “Pare ko”, “Ang huling el bimbo”, “With a smile”, “Minsan” and “Ligaya”. There are actually a lot more that really made them a huge part of Philippine music history.

4. Bruno Mars

Bruno Mars

Peter Gene Hernandez, known as Bruno Mars, is a multi talented musician as he can both sing and play various instruments. He’s also a great song writer and a dancer. He has Filipino roots as his mother is a Filipino. His career started to take off in 2010 with his collaboration song “Nothin’ on you” and “Billionaire”.

My most favorite song from his are ‘Just the way you are’ that kind of inspired me to use the song to serenade someone special that time and became a special song, all time favorites.

3. Parokya ni Edgar

Parokya ni Edgar

Known for their rock novelty hit songs, the band ‘Parokya ni Edgar’ started to became popular in 1996 with their hit songs ‘Buloy’, ‘Trip’, and ‘Cooking ng Ina Mo’. The band is considered as “Pambansang Banda ng Pilipinas” or “Philippine National Band” because of their songs that truly marked the country’s music industry and also because of their band longevity as they’ve been together and running in the music scene up until this day.

My most favorite songs of them are ‘Don’ t touch my birdie’, ‘Harana’ and ‘Your Song’ – which is also very special as I use this song again to serenade a special someone.

2. Lauv


From all in the list so far, Lauv is the latest music icon I’ve become a fan with. Ari Staprans Leff, known professionally as Lauv is a singer, song writer and record producer as well. An all around music artist. He started his music career in 2015, but taken off in 2017 when he released his single ‘I like me better’ as the song went on top of the charts. Also, it was my top 2 song of all time as it really captured my taste in music and lyrics perfectly. I really loved the version he did in the piano in this video:

Lauv sings ‘I like me better’ live in Wish 107.5

His success continues as he’s been doing collaboration with other music artists that paves way to showcase more of his talents and versatilities as an artist. One of my favorite collaboration was with Lany with the song ‘Mean it’. Here’s to share the song video:

Lauv feat. Lany in the song ‘Mean It’

1. Coldplay


Coldplay is my top 1 music band of all time by far. The band was formed in 1998, whose melodic piano-driven anthems gained their popularity in the year 2000 with the breakthrough single ‘Yellow’.

Lead by vocalist/pianist Chris Martin, the band quickly became the biggest band of the 21st century. The most popular songs and my favorite ones are ‘The Scientist’, ‘Viva la Vida’ and ofcourse, my most meaningful song of all time and I’ve blogged previously, the song ‘Fix You’ are one of those songs that life changing, well as for me.

One thing I’ve particularly loved about Coldplay is that they’ve rocked the heck out of you during their concerts (Although, I haven’t experienced watching them live yet. Just only in youtube). Here’s one concert song video, that I’ve watched a thousand times i guess but still I am still entertained.

Coldplay sings ‘Viva la Vida’ live concert

Even if I just watched it in youtube, I can still feel the great energy vibe that they have delivered with that song. Truly amazing.

Post Parting Words

Thank you for reading this post. I hope you can related with my top list, if not, you can share what’s yours in the comment section.

Thanks in advance.

Five feet apart – 2019 movie. A combination of tragedy, inspirational, romance and lessons about life

Writing this blog article quickly as I’ve just finished watching the movie “Five Feet Apart” I’ve stumbled upon on Youtube movies and don’t want to forget my thoughts came in while watching this. It is such a great story with a combination of romance, tragedy, inspirational and lessons about life. Here’s the link:

The story synopsis

The story revolves around a young lady “Stella” who had a disease that is called Cystic Fibrosis – basically affects the lungs and digestive system that produces mucus that affects its lungs and is life-threatening. She had this when she was a little and was sick her whole life.

To cut the story short, he met a young man “Will” with a similar condition at the hospital were they having their treatment. That the life changing part of Stella as she lived all through out her life with routines and following the protocols to survive and somehow hoping to get healed. Now, she starts to follow the direction of what her heart desires.

Highlights of the Story

There are three highlights I wanted to story-tell out in this film.

  1. Stella has a sister “Abby” who is very closed to her growing up. Her sister is healthy unlike her, but Abby is always there for Stella in all her battles to her disease. But in a very unfortunate incident, irony in life, her sister have died in a fatal accident. Since Stella wasn’t able to live an active life, Abby wants to do it for her. Stella had a moment in the movie where she had shown depression and asking as to why did it happen to her sister so suddenly where it should be her that is expected to go anytime. How ironic our life is as I also kind of stopped and think for a moment there as well.
  2. At the beginning of the story, when Stella met Will the first time, it was like a battle of cat and dog as they kind of not like each other on their first impression. But then it changes when WIll started to check and got interested to Stella’s Youtube channel where she shares her routines in treating CF disease. Then they’ve got the chance to spend more time together as Stella wants every patient in the hospital including Will to follow the treatment routines that she’s been doing. But the romantic part here is when they’ve become officially a couple. As they’ve become close and kind of have a mutual understanding mostly in the part when Stella will be having a surgery for the infection she had. Will was sneaked in to just encourage her to be strong. After a successful surgery, Will found out that Stella’s condition got worst and became hesitant to come close to her anymore. But Stella is very firm now on her feelings with Will that she found a way to still be together even with rules of being five feet apart. Then Will gave in as he’s really in loved now with Stella. Such a good feeling of in love to see in that part/moment in the movie.
  3. The turn of events got faster during the ending part of the movie where Stella’s best friend Poe have died who also have the same condition. Stella couldn’t believed and got depressed in life. Also Will was really upset he couldn’t help Stella. But a turn of events, they’ve decided to went out in the hospital even if it is very hazardous with their condition and also its winter that time. Stella wants to live her live because anytime it can be taken away. As they’ve enjoyed a very romantic walk across the bridge and go to a frozen lake, Stella received a good news that she already have a lungs that is available for here transplant. Will also got informed about it as they’ve been looking for already in the hospital. But things got a bit interesting when Stella accidentally fell into the frozen lake which eventually cracked then fell under the cold water. Will was there and able to get her out of the water but Stella wasn’t breathing, he had no choice but to do a CPR to her even if it is risky to both of their health. He had to do it and fortunately, Stella was revived because of it. They have been also rescued in time and Stella immediately will undergo to her lung transplant but is hesitant. Will requested to Stella to do it for him and she did. Stella had a successful transplant but Will is getting worse and time is running out for him. Will made a final surprise to Stella, knowing to himself that it could be the last time to do it. With the help of the hospital staff, Will’s mom and Stella’s family, they’ve prepared a lights setup outside of the hospital where Stella could see it when she wakes up. Stella woke up and see’s Will’s surprise to her and bid farewell to her as well at that moment. It was both so romantic and heart-breaking as you wanted the story to end up happy but not every happy ending means staying together.

Lessons you get from the Story

There were a lot of life lessons I’ve realized from the story.

  • Life is very mysterious, you may have it now but you can never be sure if you will still have it tomorrow. As Stella’s quoted on the last moment in the movie, “Life is too short to waste a second”. – I think this is very true. In this life, we oftentimes waste a lot of time in doing something stupid and nonproductive things. We spend time to the people who is not worth to spend it with. I think, it is really important to spend your time with quality, meaning with those people you loved whether families or friends. Do productive things, it can be studying and learning new things that matters and could make an impact to your life.
  • Being sick whatever case it maybe, life should continue until you still have it. Fight for it and don’t lose hope. Like what happened to Stella, it may seem that there’s nothing to hope for, things already gotten worse, all her life she was sick. But somehow, in some miraculous circumstances, she was able to get through it.
  • Love, aside from a lot of meaning to this word is. In this movie, the meaning it resonates to me is “Sacrifice”. If you really love someone, in a deepest sense, you surely can sacrifice everything for it, even if it means your own life. In one particular moment in the movie where Stella was drowned and Will had no choice to do a CPR for her, even if it means it will caused him his life in doing it. What is important for him is she lives. It’s romantic in that movie but in real essence of love, it can happen in real life scenario. I wished before I could have that, but not many people found true love. That’s the reality of this life. But if you found one, never let go of it.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my post which is not a movie review. It is more likely a sharing of a personal view on it and also a sort of recommendation as well, if you want to feel a mixed emotions of great love, suffering, hope and sacrifice. If you have already watch it, feel free to comment out what you think and the lessons you get out from it.

Thanks in advance.

An open letter to my fellow bloggers, of all types

I am writing this blog to make a humble appeal to all millions of bloggers out there, for sure. There are different types of blogger, your blog may be about travel, lifestyle, music, sports, food and lot more actually. Some of you are already have a community, with thousands to millions of followers. But many of the bloggers (majority actually) doesn’t have a lot of followers or readers. For me, although a blogger’s success doesn’t really define how many follows or reads your posts, it is how you build up/collect your stories, experiences and ideas, put it all together just like a book that you can treasure. But the reality is many of us, wants our book to share by having it in the public library so others can read it and learn from it. Problem is your book is one of the millions of books in the library and there are related books from yours that are popular already and only a few can get yours and just take a glance.

My humble suggestion, support your co-blogger in anyway you can

As blogger, you come across to many blog site’s for sure. Most of you come across with, I am pretty sure, most of them, you just leave and go on. It is understandable because you don’t want to waste time as you look for something near to exact topic you want to get or read. But I think, there are little to many ways you can credit and support the blog site you come by with:

  • Like the article, even if you didn’t get anything you are looking for from it. There’s no harm of any kind if you do that and no time is wasted for just tapping the like button. The impression it will make to the liked article/posts is somewhat huge and will be appreciated by the blogger, for sure.
  • If you, in anyway, really liked the article you’ve read, learned something from it, you should follow or email subscribe to the blogger. There will be many of those articles in future that you may get interested and its a way for them to notify you about it.
  • Share the article/post if you have learned something from it. There are many ways to share this, either via your social media platforms or make a referral to your own blog post by adding the link in there and make short mention to the blogger and its related article.
  • Lastly, if you find your blog is similar to the blog you came across with but offering a different taste or maybe a broader topic, you can make a collaboration to the blogger. Get the email address of the blogger (usually in the about section) and drop an email about it. Can share your ideas or whatever, with the goal to just help each other out to become a better blogger.

My logic in this is that, if all of us will help each other out, even in the smallest ways, you can make your co-blogger, inch by inch reach his/her goals as a blogger, become successful eventually. How it feels great to be able to help, right?

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my blog. I hope this would be helpful and informative for you. If you are a new blogger, drop me a message and share your content. I’ll make sure to make sometime to check your content about and make a support, for sure. If you are already a successful blogger, would you mind supporting my blog? I would really appreciate it. Please let me know what you think by commenting on this post.

Thanks in advance.

Filipinos are resilient, happy people even in the toughest times

I am writing this blog to share to you how I am proud of myself being a Filipino and its great qualities comes along being it.

Even in facing a lot of troubles and struggles right now because of what’s happening like the coronavirus pandemic, forced to be quarantined/stay at home, lose jobs, etc., we continue to move on, find ways to earn a living, help others, strong faith in God remains and most of all, we find ways to be happy. We, Filipinos are certainly resilient.

An example of this is a funny meme that is being shared online. It depicts that while other countries are worried about what’s happening, in Philippines, we just continue to do our living like selling online stuff. It’s kind of truth actually.

Another one is a funny viral video being shared online, that a lady is pranking her friend by calling him in his cellphone and making him believe to a recorded popular game show “Wowowin” (show and hosted by Willie Revillame), that he was a winner and making him interact with the recorded voice of the host. Pretty funny and entertaining.

Video credit to owner Jade Cielo-Pedrigala of Facebook

Speaking of helping others which is one of the best qualities of Filipinos. One thing I wanted to highlight is the show Wowowin of Willie Revillame. This person have been helping a lot of people through his game show for quite a long time, I think more than a decade now.

The sincerity of Willie Revillame in helping others is remarkable as even right now, while there are no other show similar to his were able to resume to air in TV stations, he still makes it happen just to continue to help. There was a time recently he has done it in his home and even change the show’s format to allow his followers have the chance to win.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope I was able to share with you a glimpse of what Filipinos are made of, and how proud I am being one. Mabuhay!

Year 2020, do you want a reset?

We are now at the end of second quarter of this year 2020 and there were A LOT of strange, tragic and terrible things happened already and currently we are still facing.

I’ve tried to google the things that happened this year and these are the top 10 results:

Year 2020 terrible events happened
Taal Volcano eruption, last January 12, 2020

From the list, one specific happened to my country Philippines, last January 12th, was the Taal Volcano eruption. This catastrophic event took 39 casualties, plus killed a lot of livelihood from the people nearby towns.

Also on the list is the tragic death of NBA legend and is considered the goat in basketball, Kobe Bryant. This tragedy was really shocked and dishearted not only his fans like me, but also the world of sports in general as this is something you have never thought that would have happened given he’s physique and as a superior athlete.

Kobe Bryant

The most terrible on all is apparently still happening as of today. The Coronavirus, or known as Covid-19, is the worst pandemic happened in our lifetime. It killed hundreds of thousands of people around the world and had a devastating impact on all economics in all nations. Right now, we are still hoping for a vaccine to be created soon…

Aside from those list, there were other strange things that happened around the world. One is the swarm of Locust in Africa and India. Another one is a bizzare cyclone or hurricane happened here in Metro Manila, that is actually very strange as here, we don’t normally have those kind.

Hurricane/cyclone footage, credit to Ericka Jane of Facebook

Is this a sign? The beginning of end?

For me, regardless if it is a sign or not, that life as we know it comes to an end soon, we still have to live and have hope. Matter of fact, end is inevitable thing that will surely happen in this physical world. It is just a matter of time.

Spend more time with your family and loved ones

We all have our life timelines as we never know when will our time runs out on this earth. Spending more time with loved ones should be our top priority because at the end of the day, you will remember not your accomplishments nor the material things you have built. It’s the memories of you and your loved ones that you will recall…

Post parting words

This year 2020, has been very difficult so far but I am hopeful that we, together will get through this all. This too shall pass for sure. In God’s will.

Thank you for reading my blog. I hope that this article gave you some insights about what’s happening and reflect to it as well. What are your hopes for this year to happen? Appreciate if you make a comment or follow this blog.

Thanks in advance.

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