I’m amazed by my 4 year old son with Autism, dances in the tune of a hit local song.

Having a son that is in the autism spectrum is quite difficult and exciting at the same time. As they grow up, they will surprise you about something you have never imagine they can do. In fact, most of them have a high IQ and might be a savant or genius. A great example is my favorite scientist, Albert Einstein. Yes, they may lack of social skills and others may have motor skills and verbal issues, but you cannot question their intelligence, could be in math, history, music & instruments, and a whole lot more.

I’d like to share to you, in this video that really surprised and amazed me that my son dances like he really knows the song genre. The song entitled “Ang huling el bimbo” by the way is our hit local song by our famous Eraserheads band in the 90s. This is the video:

A 4 year old child with Autism, dances in the tune of a local hit song by Eraserheads “Ang huling el bimbo”

I am in awe to see how he dances and is in sync with the music mostly in the chorus part. He did it as if he really knows the song and made a unique dance interpretation to it. It’s pretty amazing for me as a father and I am quite proud about it.

Having an autism in your family is not expected of course but when you have them, it gives your family a different kind of joy and fun.

My prodigy son, my future Einstein, 🙏😊

In the last part, I am overjoyed that I joined my son as we dance together (mine looks silly, of course haha)

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this special blog as it features my beloved son and I think is worth sharing mostly for other parents who also have an autism child. I am just a proud father. How’s your children doing? You are welcome to share your special stories by commenting here.

Thanks in advance.