Bayanihan of the Ants. Can we, us Humans do the same?

This is a question I have in my mind whenever I came across to a colony of ants and seeing how they are helping each other out carry their huge foods or dead preys towards their nest. I am quite amused how they connect and understand each other to their common goal, survival, not just by an individual but as a colony.

I truly wonder, what if we, us humans have these traits like the ants? How is this good for the world we live in, right?

I’ve created a short video message (filmed it as soon as I’ve seen a group of ants inside the house, carrying their dead prey foods together) that shows how the ant works and with the hopes for us do the same, like in this time of covid-19 pandemic, crisis we are in right now. It will be such a better place, world we could live in.

Here’s the video:

If you can’t see the video above. Here’s the video I have uploaded in my Youtube channel:

Bayanihan of the ants. Can we, us humans do the same?

Post parting words

I am always hopeful and positive that we can all work together on a common goal as a nation, as the human race to fight together and help each other mostly in times like this that we are on a global covid-19 pandemic, crisis.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you can somehow agree with my thoughts and work together towards a common goal in life which is to be in harmony, peace and mutual care for each other. Please follow me and I appreciate if you can also check my other posts.

Thanks in advance.