Are you working today, either at home or onsite? Be grateful.

I’d like to share my thoughts on this because many of us are privilege to still have a job either at home or in the office. I can say that I am very fortunate and blessed to work at the comfort of my home in this time.

But in the flipside, there’s also a lot of people who got their jobs displaced, retrenched and forced to resign primarily because the companies their working for were the businesses that mostly impacted by this covid-19 pandemic and also lead to a recession that is happening now.

Just like in my country Philippines, almost 2.6 million workers lost their jobs and it is expected to rise up to 5 million Filipinos, according to our department of labor and employment agency.

We are in a crucial time, but what does this means for us who are still have the job and able to work? I maybe wrong but I think many of us are unconciously forgetting to appreciate our employers, the businesses that we worked in. We can show our appreciation to them in many ways. I have made a short list on how to show our thanks to them, not by words, but by our actions.

Be grateful, thankful to our employers by doing these:

  1. Do your best at whatever you do with your work. Exert more effort as needed to accomplish your tasks. Remember that if your work outcome is great, you help your company survive the crisis.
  2. Even how you hate your boss or you really don’t get along with him/her, this time you need to learn to compromise. Your boss needs her/his job as well more than ever like you. Understanding is your key in this scenario.
  3. A lot of you, mostly who works from home, maybe doing some personal stuff during working hours. Those can be taking care or playing with your kids, doing blogs like me (i am doing this outside my working hours, actually), and other personal things that might be impactful to your output as an employee and this may lead to your company’s poor production or low profit. Try to keep it at the very minimum if you can’t avoid it. Always focused to do your job and the output they needed from you as soon as you can so in that way, so in that way, if you really need to do something else, you can do it with less impact to your work production.
  4. Advise early. If you are going to be late on your shift or being away in the middle of it, or even in taking a leave. It is a good gesture if you make an early advise. Don’t leave them hanging in not knowing your whereabouts during a shift as they are expecting you to report. Remember, your production is expected on your working days and missing one of those would definitely have an impact to the company. Let them know so that they can plan for a replacement to do your task or they can make adjustments.

Post parting words

For me, just be grateful in what you have right now, appreciate your privileges as a worker. Not many people have the same options and choices you have.

Thank you for reading my short blog about work and stuff. I hope it gave you a sort of self check on how lucky we are, having a job right now, during this time of pandemic and recession. I hope you can follow me and check out my other blogs.

Thanks in advance.