Free screen recorder using Chrome plugin. Convert webm to mp4 file type.

I’d like to share to you guys this simple and free way to screen record on your PC or laptop that a lot of non-tech people would not know. This is very helpful for the tech bloggers like me who makes recording of his tech tutorials stuff. Also very useful if you want to record your online meetings, classes or even a live stream you are watching.

I’ve created again a quick, step by step on how you get the plugin installed in your Google Chome (make sure you have the latest Chrome update). Learn how to use it and save the recording. And lastly, convert the saved webm compressed video file type to a standard mp4 video file type.

Here’s the video:

In case you can’t view above video, I’ve also uploaded it on my Youtube channel. Here’s the embedded video:

You can now do your own screen recording tutorials after watching the video with these easy steps.

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