Stroke, a silent killer

I am writing this blog to provide awareness about the telltale symptoms of getting stroke. Currently, strokes usually occurs in those age 60 above. But there are also some cases it occurs with age 45 and up.

The memory of my late grandmother (67 yrs old that time) is still vivid to me when she got stroke and I was there with her. Had I known these telltale signs, I could have sent her immediately to the hospital and saved here from being paralyzed.

Stroke is very scary as it can attack suddenly, but if we can detect the warning signs and right actions are taken quickly, the patient may not have any long term effects.

What are the telltale signs of getting stroke?

  1. Blurry or lost vision in one or both eyes.
  2. Dysplasia or slurred speech
  3. Difficulty understanding others
  4. Dizziness or losing your balance
  5. Weakness or numbness of certain part of the body (can be your hands or waist)
  6. Headache
  • Note: Even if the mentioned warning signs lasts for minutes to an hour. Do not take that for granted and seek the doctor immediately.

Aside from the age, what other factors can a person be prone to have a stroke/mini stroke?

  1. Suffering from high blood
  2. Have high cholesterol
  3. Have kidney disease
  4. Diabetic
  5. Smoker
  6. Overweight and obesity
  7. Being stress or depress

You’ve identified that your having the warning signs. What you should do next?

  1. Go to the nearest hospital for checkup
  2. You may be required to take citiscan, mri, carotid ultrasound and 2D echo to understand the severity of the stroke
  3. You may be given necessary medicines

Post parting words

Remember that stroke (mild/mini or complete) is a medical emergency. It can change everything in someone’s life or may even lead to death. So prevention and readiness to act quickly once it hits is the key for surviving it.

Thank you for reading again my post. I hope you’ll learn something from it and use your knowledge when you need it as you and your loved ones will benefit from it for sure.

Feel free to comment out if you want to add something or react. Also, appreciate if you like, follow or share my blog.

Thanks in advance.