Why do I blog? What can I get out from it?

I am writing this blog mainly because I want to have something I can read back in the future where I can say and be proud of that I’ve succeeded as a blogger.

Why blogging?

I have three reasons why I started blogging just recently:

  1. Blogging is something I sought and determined to do, to divert my attention against my vice (I’ve blogged my story about it), of course aside from doing my regular job and taking care of my family. Also, even I am not really good in my writing nor grammatically correct with my blog paragraphs, but for me, as long as I can convey what I mean – that’s what matters.
  2. I want to share my personal life’s experience, the lessons that I’ve learned, career knowledge, my views and opinions on the current happenings in my country Philippines and the world – hoping that in my own little ways, I could make an impact to someone’s life.
  3. Monetize something from it. I am not expecting anything big actually but if I can get a little, that will be fine for sure. Besides I have a full time job where I can get my main income from.

Is blogging really dead?

This is a question that I’ve seen a lot when doing research about blogging, being a blogger. It’s a legit question because a lot of popular platforms are already there providing wide range of contents sharing such as facebook, youtube vlogging, podcast, twitter, etc. to name a few. A lot of people, specifically millenials are more onto these social media platforms. I think as blogger you can use these platforms as well to your advantage by creating accounts there and sharing your blog sites there. Also, what’s important is you can write a content that is uniquely expressed that other people may or can relate to. For my blogs, I’ll be focusing on personal sharing of knowledge and experiences which I think can be unique because we all go through in this life with different choices and paths we take. In a sense, blogging is immortal, it is the basic and foundation of content sharing. That is also why i named my blog ‘Get Back To Basic’ , as I want to just do the basic way of sharing stuff.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this blog post. It is sort of both personal and informative basically about blogging. I hope you see my point, but if not, let me hear your thoughts as well.

Thanks in advance.