Coronavirus 2nd wave. Beware, be equipped!

In my previous blog, I’ve shared about a quick checklist for us to follow to avoid being infected by Covid-19. In this blog, I want to share what I’ve learned on about the virus and how to tell the difference of it to just a normal colds or flu. It is really important that aside from having a positive mindset, we are also equipped with understanding about the virus for us to remain steadfast during this time, and mostly for our family and loved ones.

Now that a lot of countries are starting to open establishments such as park, malls, restaurants and getting back to what is normal. A second wave of infection is bound to happen. I hope I am wrong tho.

How do we know if we have a normal colds, flu or even Covid-19?

Here’s a reference table chart I have created:

Covid-19, flu and colds symptoms comparison table

We can clearly see in the table above that shortness of breath associated with other symptoms such as having a sore throat, coughing, body aches (rarely), fever, and feeling tiredness (rarely) may lead you to have a conclusion and immediately do the necessary actions (either initiate home quarantine or send to the hospital – depending on the severity)

Stay at home as much as you can; Take precautionary measures if going out.

It is still the best option to stay at home during this time. But if really need to go out. Better be prepared and aware at all times. Remember these 4 important precautionary measure:

  1. Wear your mask at all times
  2. Bring a disinfectant and use it on your hands from time to time (mostly if you think you’ve touch any thing outside)
  3. Always wash your hands if you have the opportunity to do so outside
  4. Social distancing (1-2 meters away)

Post parting words

Remember that in order for us to win this pandemic battle, it will always starts with us, making sure we won’t be infected. We are still in rough times right now and creation of Covid-19 vaccine is still far from happening as what it looks like. So it is better we take care of ourselves and our family as much as we can.

Thank you for reading my post again about Covid-19. I am very eager from time to time provide knowledge and tips I gather from the best medical resources out there. Please feel free to comment if you want to add something about the post that could also help our blog community.

Thanks in advance.