Covid-19, a quick checklist recap

As father, I am very protective when it comes to the welfare of my family. I did a lot of research about the virus Covid-19 as we are now in  an uncontrolled pandemic and there is no vaccine yet available. The risk is high mostly to the elders.

Here’s just a personal sum up of all the things I’ve read and basic useful tips about Covid 19 and how we and our family can avoid being infected by it.

When staying at home

  1. Open your windows – it is important we keep our house ventilated so if in case a virus is already inside, it will not be trap inside and can get out. Closed room with aircondition is fine as long as everyone is healthy and no one is sick. Remember that virus can circulate in a closed room airconditioned.
  2. Wash your hands from time to time and make sure when you wash your hands you cover the whole palm, back, fingertips and sides of your hands. A good technique is to finish a happy birthday song while you do it.
  3. Clean and disinfect the usual things you hold inside your house. Door knobs, stairway handles, refrigerator handle and even faucet handle to name a few.
  4. Make sure your shoes and slippers are outside the house mostly if you use it when you go outside. It is also good if you spray disinfectant to it as well.

When outside

  1. Wear mask at all times
  2. Social distancing is a must. 1-2 meters away to other people.
  3. Avoid holding things outside as much as you can. If you do, wash your hands immediately.

Keep yourself healthy

  1. Make sure you are always hydrated. Follow the recommended water intake per day.
  2. Boost your immune system by taking multivitamins, eating healthy foods such as fruits & vegetables, and take enough sleep.

Post parting words

Thanks for reading my post. I hope we can all go out through this pandemic of coronavirus. We all in this together and if we all follow the protocols, we can surely win this battle. Stay safe everyone.