A gamer perspective, what’s your list?

I am writing this short blog and share my top 10 most loved console and rpg games from my young days to present.

#10: Tetris on Brick game

I remember, it was around year 2000s when the brick game became popular primarily with a tetris game on it. It was such a fun and challenging game as the speed and level goes up, the rush to match the tiles to keep it at level.

#9: Super mario 1, 2 and 3 (Family computer & Super nintendo)

This is really an epic game that I think most of the non millenials have experienced playing and loved it. I personally got addicted to it and even I have played and finished it the nth times, it is still the game I can’t be bored playing repeatedly.

#8: Mario Cart (Super nintendo)

This is a mario game that my family, relatives and friends play together. It is a super fun game as you race your chosen mario character and use tools to try to abrupt and stop others for your to take a lead.

#7: Starcraft (Computer game)

This is my first game I learned in the computer that I get addicted so much. It is a military human & alien fiction strategy game. I loved strategic game. The game consumes a lot of time because you need to build defense units, infantry, machinery, troops, etc. Before you attack your opponents strategically. So cool and worth your time to play.

#6: O2Jam (Computer game)

It’s a rhythm/musical action game where you sync strokes in the keybord with the beat of the music. It’s really an amusing game and lets you pass time with enjoyment.

#5: Flyff (Online computer game)

This is the first online rpg game I’ve played and enjoyed for awhile. It was when I was in my college where this game become popular. Basically, you build your character with suits, shoes, armor and weapon. You let your character level up and be strong for PVPs. And what makes it unique and more fun is you can have a ride to FLY! and a pet that can lure items. So cool and fun 🙂

#4: Warcraft Dota 1 (Computer game)

If you are a millenial, you have probably know and played this. This is I think by far, the most popular computer lan game I’ve seen so far. We all played it in college and with my friends. It is a strategic group game where each characters have special attack skills. The goal is to reach and destroy the main tower of your opponents base.

#3: Call of Duty (Mobile game)

This is just a recent mobile game that I enjoyed playing, maybe because it’s very similar to counter strike which is my top game ever. It is a team strategic game based on the type of mode you select (Team domination, Death Match, Search and Destroy, and Others stuff). It’s all fun mostly if you teamed up with your friends.

#2: Mobile Legends (Mobile game)

This by far the most popular mobile gaming I’ve ever seen so far in my time. Very popular in the Philippines as well as most of the gaming community and streamers are into this. Some made this as a career. I’ve also learned and appreciate the concept of the game. You can team up with your friends to play and combine characters with special skills to destroy your opponent. Actually it is a similar game concept with Dota.

#1: Counter-Strike (Computer game)

Well, this is my number 1 game of all time. Maybe because I became a shop player on this and spent a lot of time compare to everyone on the list. Counter-Strike is a strategic game as well wherein you can team up with your friends and chose which guns you prefer based on your strategy as a group. A different strategy you will have when you are playing terrorist (you can plant a bomb) or counter (defuser or protector of the bomb site)
I had a great time playing this game as I built a lots of friends and meet other gamer because of it.

Post parting words

Thank you for taking your time reading this blog. Hope you can check out my others stuff too. I hope you can relate to my list as a gamer and share about your list? If you can share yours, that would be great. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks