I’m amazed by my 4 year old son with Autism, dances in the tune of a hit local song.

Having a son that is in the autism spectrum is quite difficult and exciting at the same time. As they grow up, they will surprise you about something you have never imagine they can do. In fact, most of them have a high IQ and might be a savant or genius. A great example is my favorite scientist, Albert Einstein. Yes, they may lack of social skills and others may have motor skills and verbal issues, but you cannot question their intelligence, could be in math, history, music & instruments, and a whole lot more.

I’d like to share to you, in this video that really surprised and amazed me that my son dances like he really knows the song genre. The song entitled “Ang huling el bimbo” by the way is our hit local song by our famous Eraserheads band in the 90s. This is the video:

A 4 year old child with Autism, dances in the tune of a local hit song by Eraserheads “Ang huling el bimbo”

I am in awe to see how he dances and is in sync with the music mostly in the chorus part. He did it as if he really knows the song and made a unique dance interpretation to it. It’s pretty amazing for me as a father and I am quite proud about it.

Having an autism in your family is not expected of course but when you have them, it gives your family a different kind of joy and fun.

My prodigy son, my future Einstein, 🙏😊

In the last part, I am overjoyed that I joined my son as we dance together (mine looks silly, of course haha)

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this special blog as it features my beloved son and I think is worth sharing mostly for other parents who also have an autism child. I am just a proud father. How’s your children doing? You are welcome to share your special stories by commenting here.

Thanks in advance.

Bayanihan of the Ants. Can we, us Humans do the same?

This is a question I have in my mind whenever I came across to a colony of ants and seeing how they are helping each other out carry their huge foods or dead preys towards their nest. I am quite amused how they connect and understand each other to their common goal, survival, not just by an individual but as a colony.

I truly wonder, what if we, us humans have these traits like the ants? How is this good for the world we live in, right?

I’ve created a short video message (filmed it as soon as I’ve seen a group of ants inside the house, carrying their dead prey foods together) that shows how the ant works and with the hopes for us do the same, like in this time of covid-19 pandemic, crisis we are in right now. It will be such a better place, world we could live in.

Here’s the video:

If you can’t see the video above. Here’s the video I have uploaded in my Youtube channel:

Bayanihan of the ants. Can we, us humans do the same?

Post parting words

I am always hopeful and positive that we can all work together on a common goal as a nation, as the human race to fight together and help each other mostly in times like this that we are on a global covid-19 pandemic, crisis.

Thanks for reading my post. I hope you can somehow agree with my thoughts and work together towards a common goal in life which is to be in harmony, peace and mutual care for each other. Please follow me and I appreciate if you can also check my other posts.

Thanks in advance.

Are you working today, either at home or onsite? Be grateful.

I’d like to share my thoughts on this because many of us are privilege to still have a job either at home or in the office. I can say that I am very fortunate and blessed to work at the comfort of my home in this time.

But in the flipside, there’s also a lot of people who got their jobs displaced, retrenched and forced to resign primarily because the companies their working for were the businesses that mostly impacted by this covid-19 pandemic and also lead to a recession that is happening now.

Just like in my country Philippines, almost 2.6 million workers lost their jobs and it is expected to rise up to 5 million Filipinos, according to our department of labor and employment agency.

We are in a crucial time, but what does this means for us who are still have the job and able to work? I maybe wrong but I think many of us are unconciously forgetting to appreciate our employers, the businesses that we worked in. We can show our appreciation to them in many ways. I have made a short list on how to show our thanks to them, not by words, but by our actions.

Be grateful, thankful to our employers by doing these:

  1. Do your best at whatever you do with your work. Exert more effort as needed to accomplish your tasks. Remember that if your work outcome is great, you help your company survive the crisis.
  2. Even how you hate your boss or you really don’t get along with him/her, this time you need to learn to compromise. Your boss needs her/his job as well more than ever like you. Understanding is your key in this scenario.
  3. A lot of you, mostly who works from home, maybe doing some personal stuff during working hours. Those can be taking care or playing with your kids, doing blogs like me (i am doing this outside my working hours, actually), and other personal things that might be impactful to your output as an employee and this may lead to your company’s poor production or low profit. Try to keep it at the very minimum if you can’t avoid it. Always focused to do your job and the output they needed from you as soon as you can so in that way, so in that way, if you really need to do something else, you can do it with less impact to your work production.
  4. Advise early. If you are going to be late on your shift or being away in the middle of it, or even in taking a leave. It is a good gesture if you make an early advise. Don’t leave them hanging in not knowing your whereabouts during a shift as they are expecting you to report. Remember, your production is expected on your working days and missing one of those would definitely have an impact to the company. Let them know so that they can plan for a replacement to do your task or they can make adjustments.

Post parting words

For me, just be grateful in what you have right now, appreciate your privileges as a worker. Not many people have the same options and choices you have.

Thank you for reading my short blog about work and stuff. I hope it gave you a sort of self check on how lucky we are, having a job right now, during this time of pandemic and recession. I hope you can follow me and check out my other blogs.

Thanks in advance.

Free screen recorder using Chrome plugin. Convert webm to mp4 file type.

I’d like to share to you guys this simple and free way to screen record on your PC or laptop that a lot of non-tech people would not know. This is very helpful for the tech bloggers like me who makes recording of his tech tutorials stuff. Also very useful if you want to record your online meetings, classes or even a live stream you are watching.

I’ve created again a quick, step by step on how you get the plugin installed in your Google Chome (make sure you have the latest Chrome update). Learn how to use it and save the recording. And lastly, convert the saved webm compressed video file type to a standard mp4 video file type.

Here’s the video:

In case you can’t view above video, I’ve also uploaded it on my Youtube channel. Here’s the embedded video:

You can now do your own screen recording tutorials after watching the video with these easy steps.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading my post. Again, I hope you get something out of this and able to utilize the knowledge you gain to your needs. I appreciate if you can also like and follow my blog and of course subscribe to my youtube channels to see more helpful/useful videos like this one.

Thanks in advance.

How to create WordPress blog for free. A quick, 3 minute step by step video

In this blog, I wanted to share with you how I’ve created my first WordPress blog for free. Basically, if you are interested in making a personal blog and you have no idea yet how to do it and you want to have it for free, then WordPress is one of the best options for you.

I made a quick, 3 minute video how to do it to start off you blog:

A quick step by step tutorial on creating your first WordPress blog for free

If you can’t view above video, I’ve uploaded it in my Youtube channel where you can also find my other tutorials about the basic stuffs. Here’s the Youtube video:

The tutorial is very easy to follow for those who doesn’t have any idea yet how to kick off your first blog. Note that it only covers the whole blog creation on WordPress only. For understanding the WordPress control panel, start to create your blog content and publishing of it – I’ll be covering that on my next video soon..

Post parting words

It’s great to share stuff mostly the basics because it is the foundation of your knowledge on something you want to learn. My key take away from this is you need to master the basics first so once you get to more complicated stuff, it will be much less harder.

Thanks for reading my blog and I hope you learn something from it. Please like, follow my page and subscribe to my youtube channel. I would really appreciate that if you do 🙂

Thanks in advance.

The most meaningful, powerful song

I am writing a blog about the most meaningful song for me, ever. And what did the song for me as a person. Most of us loves to listen to music and we have our favorite genres and particular songs that we want to listen to. I have a lots of favorites, meaningful songs like “The Runaway train” by Soul Asylum, “It’s my life” by Bon Jovi, and “Vincent” Don Mclean just to name a few. But there’s this one powerful and i think the most meaningful song that as person helped me to see my reflection and become inspired from it’s lyrics. Plus, I really love the band.

The song is “Fix you” by Coldplay. I’ll share with you some excerpts from the lyrics, it’s meaning and my interpretation to it.

“When you try your best, but you don’t succeed. When you get what you want, but not what you need. When you feel so tired, but you can’t sleep. Stuck in reverse.”

The first verse tells that there are those time and moments in our lives that even you give your best shot, worked on it tirelessly, the result is still the same, worst is it is leaning to failure.

“When the tears come streaming down your face. When you lose something you can’t replace. When you love someone, but it goes to waste. Could it be worse

The second verse tells a similar thoughts like the first verse, but the emotion are much heavier because of something or someone you love is gone, which is apparently the worst feeling.

“Lights will guide you home. And Ignite your bones. And I will try to fix you”

The chorus is such a short one but really has a powerful meaning and gives you a sense of positiveness. It simply tells you to look up, from up above there is God that gives you the strength you need to overcome your problems in life. He’ll fix you..

The verse on the second part of the song also tells the same way in the previous verses but more of leaning to positivism and importance of self-worth. Here’s the verse snippet:

“High up above or down below. When you’re too in love to let it go. But if you never try, you’ll never know. Just what you’re worth”

And the song bridge is telling a sense of wanting or asking for a second chance. Bridge snippet “Tears stream down your face. I promise you I will learn from my mistakes”

I really loved and inspired by the song because I can definitively relate to what it’s all about, with everything that happened in my life. During the time that I am in need and asking God for healing and to be fixed. I was fixed and was able to change my ways 390 degrees.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you find this interesting and also touches in a positive way. How about you? What is your most meaningful song? if you can share here by adding a comment, that would be awesome. I appreciate if you can also like my post and do follow me.

Thanks in advance.

Stroke, a silent killer

I am writing this blog to provide awareness about the telltale symptoms of getting stroke. Currently, strokes usually occurs in those age 60 above. But there are also some cases it occurs with age 45 and up.

The memory of my late grandmother (67 yrs old that time) is still vivid to me when she got stroke and I was there with her. Had I known these telltale signs, I could have sent her immediately to the hospital and saved here from being paralyzed.

Stroke is very scary as it can attack suddenly, but if we can detect the warning signs and right actions are taken quickly, the patient may not have any long term effects.

What are the telltale signs of getting stroke?

  1. Blurry or lost vision in one or both eyes.
  2. Dysplasia or slurred speech
  3. Difficulty understanding others
  4. Dizziness or losing your balance
  5. Weakness or numbness of certain part of the body (can be your hands or waist)
  6. Headache
  • Note: Even if the mentioned warning signs lasts for minutes to an hour. Do not take that for granted and seek the doctor immediately.

Aside from the age, what other factors can a person be prone to have a stroke/mini stroke?

  1. Suffering from high blood
  2. Have high cholesterol
  3. Have kidney disease
  4. Diabetic
  5. Smoker
  6. Overweight and obesity
  7. Being stress or depress

You’ve identified that your having the warning signs. What you should do next?

  1. Go to the nearest hospital for checkup
  2. You may be required to take citiscan, mri, carotid ultrasound and 2D echo to understand the severity of the stroke
  3. You may be given necessary medicines

Post parting words

Remember that stroke (mild/mini or complete) is a medical emergency. It can change everything in someone’s life or may even lead to death. So prevention and readiness to act quickly once it hits is the key for surviving it.

Thank you for reading again my post. I hope you’ll learn something from it and use your knowledge when you need it as you and your loved ones will benefit from it for sure.

Feel free to comment out if you want to add something or react. Also, appreciate if you like, follow or share my blog.

Thanks in advance.

Coronavirus 2nd wave. Beware, be equipped!

In my previous blog, I’ve shared about a quick checklist for us to follow to avoid being infected by Covid-19. In this blog, I want to share what I’ve learned on about the virus and how to tell the difference of it to just a normal colds or flu. It is really important that aside from having a positive mindset, we are also equipped with understanding about the virus for us to remain steadfast during this time, and mostly for our family and loved ones.

Now that a lot of countries are starting to open establishments such as park, malls, restaurants and getting back to what is normal. A second wave of infection is bound to happen. I hope I am wrong tho.

How do we know if we have a normal colds, flu or even Covid-19?

Here’s a reference table chart I have created:

Covid-19, flu and colds symptoms comparison table

We can clearly see in the table above that shortness of breath associated with other symptoms such as having a sore throat, coughing, body aches (rarely), fever, and feeling tiredness (rarely) may lead you to have a conclusion and immediately do the necessary actions (either initiate home quarantine or send to the hospital – depending on the severity)

Stay at home as much as you can; Take precautionary measures if going out.

It is still the best option to stay at home during this time. But if really need to go out. Better be prepared and aware at all times. Remember these 4 important precautionary measure:

  1. Wear your mask at all times
  2. Bring a disinfectant and use it on your hands from time to time (mostly if you think you’ve touch any thing outside)
  3. Always wash your hands if you have the opportunity to do so outside
  4. Social distancing (1-2 meters away)

Post parting words

Remember that in order for us to win this pandemic battle, it will always starts with us, making sure we won’t be infected. We are still in rough times right now and creation of Covid-19 vaccine is still far from happening as what it looks like. So it is better we take care of ourselves and our family as much as we can.

Thank you for reading my post again about Covid-19. I am very eager from time to time provide knowledge and tips I gather from the best medical resources out there. Please feel free to comment if you want to add something about the post that could also help our blog community.

Thanks in advance.

Why do I blog? What can I get out from it?

I am writing this blog mainly because I want to have something I can read back in the future where I can say and be proud of that I’ve succeeded as a blogger.

Why blogging?

I have three reasons why I started blogging just recently:

  1. Blogging is something I sought and determined to do, to divert my attention against my vice (I’ve blogged my story about it), of course aside from doing my regular job and taking care of my family. Also, even I am not really good in my writing nor grammatically correct with my blog paragraphs, but for me, as long as I can convey what I mean – that’s what matters.
  2. I want to share my personal life’s experience, the lessons that I’ve learned, career knowledge, my views and opinions on the current happenings in my country Philippines and the world – hoping that in my own little ways, I could make an impact to someone’s life.
  3. Monetize something from it. I am not expecting anything big actually but if I can get a little, that will be fine for sure. Besides I have a full time job where I can get my main income from.

Is blogging really dead?

This is a question that I’ve seen a lot when doing research about blogging, being a blogger. It’s a legit question because a lot of popular platforms are already there providing wide range of contents sharing such as facebook, youtube vlogging, podcast, twitter, etc. to name a few. A lot of people, specifically millenials are more onto these social media platforms. I think as blogger you can use these platforms as well to your advantage by creating accounts there and sharing your blog sites there. Also, what’s important is you can write a content that is uniquely expressed that other people may or can relate to. For my blogs, I’ll be focusing on personal sharing of knowledge and experiences which I think can be unique because we all go through in this life with different choices and paths we take. In a sense, blogging is immortal, it is the basic and foundation of content sharing. That is also why i named my blog ‘Get Back To Basic’ , as I want to just do the basic way of sharing stuff.

Post parting words

Thank you for reading this blog post. It is sort of both personal and informative basically about blogging. I hope you see my point, but if not, let me hear your thoughts as well.

Thanks in advance.

A gamer perspective, what’s your list?

I am writing this short blog and share my top 10 most loved console and rpg games from my young days to present.

#10: Tetris on Brick game

I remember, it was around year 2000s when the brick game became popular primarily with a tetris game on it. It was such a fun and challenging game as the speed and level goes up, the rush to match the tiles to keep it at level.

#9: Super mario 1, 2 and 3 (Family computer & Super nintendo)

This is really an epic game that I think most of the non millenials have experienced playing and loved it. I personally got addicted to it and even I have played and finished it the nth times, it is still the game I can’t be bored playing repeatedly.

#8: Mario Cart (Super nintendo)

This is a mario game that my family, relatives and friends play together. It is a super fun game as you race your chosen mario character and use tools to try to abrupt and stop others for your to take a lead.

#7: Starcraft (Computer game)

This is my first game I learned in the computer that I get addicted so much. It is a military human & alien fiction strategy game. I loved strategic game. The game consumes a lot of time because you need to build defense units, infantry, machinery, troops, etc. Before you attack your opponents strategically. So cool and worth your time to play.

#6: O2Jam (Computer game)

It’s a rhythm/musical action game where you sync strokes in the keybord with the beat of the music. It’s really an amusing game and lets you pass time with enjoyment.

#5: Flyff (Online computer game)

This is the first online rpg game I’ve played and enjoyed for awhile. It was when I was in my college where this game become popular. Basically, you build your character with suits, shoes, armor and weapon. You let your character level up and be strong for PVPs. And what makes it unique and more fun is you can have a ride to FLY! and a pet that can lure items. So cool and fun 🙂

#4: Warcraft Dota 1 (Computer game)

If you are a millenial, you have probably know and played this. This is I think by far, the most popular computer lan game I’ve seen so far. We all played it in college and with my friends. It is a strategic group game where each characters have special attack skills. The goal is to reach and destroy the main tower of your opponents base.

#3: Call of Duty (Mobile game)

This is just a recent mobile game that I enjoyed playing, maybe because it’s very similar to counter strike which is my top game ever. It is a team strategic game based on the type of mode you select (Team domination, Death Match, Search and Destroy, and Others stuff). It’s all fun mostly if you teamed up with your friends.

#2: Mobile Legends (Mobile game)

This by far the most popular mobile gaming I’ve ever seen so far in my time. Very popular in the Philippines as well as most of the gaming community and streamers are into this. Some made this as a career. I’ve also learned and appreciate the concept of the game. You can team up with your friends to play and combine characters with special skills to destroy your opponent. Actually it is a similar game concept with Dota.

#1: Counter-Strike (Computer game)

Well, this is my number 1 game of all time. Maybe because I became a shop player on this and spent a lot of time compare to everyone on the list. Counter-Strike is a strategic game as well wherein you can team up with your friends and chose which guns you prefer based on your strategy as a group. A different strategy you will have when you are playing terrorist (you can plant a bomb) or counter (defuser or protector of the bomb site)
I had a great time playing this game as I built a lots of friends and meet other gamer because of it.

Post parting words

Thank you for taking your time reading this blog. Hope you can check out my others stuff too. I hope you can relate to my list as a gamer and share about your list? If you can share yours, that would be great. Looking forward to hear from you. Thanks

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