When life gets too complicated, difficult and troublesome. Get Back to the Basics. Just live simply and love the gift of life.

Hello, this is Rye and welcome to my blog wherein I will be focus on sharing various tips on personal development. If you follow me here (email subscribe below), you’ll get here a dose of motivation, inspiration, self improvement and life lessons. Also learn other helpful information about health & wellness, vlogging & blogging tips, and financial or money tips.

I also have my other means of sharing platforms like YouTube (if you are more visual learner, you can visit, watch and subscribe to it) I also have my Facebook page, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn. All links are on top of this page.

I have a life saying that “We share the world with others in living it. We breathe the same air. We may have different status and entitlements in this world but our common thing is that we share the same race as a human beings. We must share what we can share with our co-human by any means that could possibly make an impact to someone’s life, even in a smallest way.. “

This is my blog’s purpose and one of my life’s goal.

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